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    OCD? Me? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    @The History Man the stones your collecting are Iron stones, its what they used to mine down here, The Iron stone mine used to pay a couple of quid each for them not sure if they still do....
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    It’s raining, it’s pouring, my love life is boring me to tears…….

    I was just thinking back to my roller disco days...
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    Yorkshire Weekender

    It's this weekend people, oil ya chains an pump up them tyres and come join us for some of the best beer/BBQ and bike riding in the North....
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    Yorkshire Weekender 23/4/5 July , Cropton

    It's this weekend people get them chains oiled an them tyres pumped up, we'll be their fri afternoon....
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    Nearly there....

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    ** Show us your Modern/retro Kona **

    This has been my go to ride for about 10 years now....
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    Nearly there....

    Get out on the bike for a short spin mate (couple of miles), I understand how the fatigue feels but enjoy the little things and as everybody keeps telling me TAKE YOUR TIME ;) something we're both short of... Ps Quality over Quantity every time
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    Wanted Now sorted : Peace sign canti hangers silver or black

    How does £10 posted sound?
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    Wanted Now sorted : Peace sign canti hangers silver or black

    Think I have some, I'll have a look later. cheers kaya
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    NOS XTR Front Mech

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    Red X-Lite Bar ends

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    Wanted M737/M739

    I have this but it's a short or med cage rear mech
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    Price help?

    Re: Re: :shock: :shock: :shock: I know nowt about BMX's so I'm shocked
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    Price help?

    Hi could someone give me some idea what these are worth? cheers kaya