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    Specialized Stumpjumper FS 1995

    Hi guys, Thank you for your messages :) After the original post, i found out this manual that is very complete and detailed about the parts and service of the 95 Rockshox Mag21. I've also found out that a original service kit is almost impossible to find, however enduro, sells seals for it :)...
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    Specialized Stumpjumper FS 1995

    Hi Craigmount, Thank you very much. I'll try to do that and them i'll post the results here. I'm designing new stickers for every single part that need new graphics: Frame, Fork, Wheels, Bar and Crankset. I would say the part of problem solving is really the part that i love about mechanics...
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    For Sale Sram SRT-800 X-ray GripShift shifters and covers

    Hi RockiMtn, Do you have some grey or black 800 X-Ray grip-shifters, just the grip? Tried to send PM, but i can't find the option hehe Thank you.
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    Specialized Stumpjumper FS 1995

    Hi guys, ||||||||||| S P E C S ||||||||||| Frame - Specialized Stumpjumper FS 1995 Fork - Rockshox Mag21 Headset - Dia-Compe Kontak Aheadset ST 1 1/8" Stem - Specialized cold-forged alloy Aheadset Handlebar - Specialized Alloy 170g Grips - ??? Barends - ??? Brakes - Shimano Dia-Compe...