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    Paris tandem frame

    As some of you may know, my father-in law Alvin Smith passed away last year. He was a big noise on the local veteran cycle scene, and among other things was the VCC's marque enthusiast for Paris Rensch bicycles. Much of his collection has now been sold off (it's all gone to good homes!) but...
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    Time....for something new.....

    Lovely! I've been bitten by the Moulton bug recently and am trying to scrape together enough to buy myself a Delux or a Super 4.
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    Claud Butler frame number identification

    I'll pass that on to my dad when I give him the bike. I'm guessing it's been refinished and stickered up by someone who couldn't spell "Claud".
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    Claud Butler frame number identification

    Here's another one for you... frame number 055667, stamped on the fork steerer but not visible on the bottom bracket shell. It's too big for me (and I have too many projects on the go anyway!) so I'm giving this one to my dad. I think it's a 1980s Holdsworth-era Dalesman, but I might be wrong...
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    1980 Fred Williams road bike

    Gradually coming together. I had to make a special tool to hold the pin pliers in place on the bottom bracket while I tightened the lock ring with, er, a hammer and an old screwdriver. I thought I had all the bits of this in a box in the shed, but I was missing a seatpost bolt and some odds and...
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    1980 Fred Williams road bike

    Back from the powdercoaters. I wish now I'd had the thing stove enamelled instead, since the cost of powdercoating has risen dramatically since I last had a frame done! Still, it looks pretty good to my eyes. Decals from H Lloyd Cycles. I've also replaced the aftermarket aluminium forks with a...
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    1980 Fred Williams road bike

    I was given this by a mate, who was given it new for his 14th birthday 42 years ago. It's a Fred Williams, built in plain gauge Reynolds 531. When I got it, it had been refinished in yellow (it was originally black) and fitted with straight bars. Sadly, whoever fitted the straight bars and STI...
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    Mystery frame ID help

    Nice! What year is yours?
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    Mystery frame ID help

    It'll be refinished in pearlescent leaf green, no lug lining and no contrast panels (couldn't afford those!) There are a few braze ons being added too, including bottle cage lugs, mudguard eyes and gear lever bosses. Should be back with me about the end of January, I think! Mercian's ID of the...
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    For Sale Shimano 7 speed full Groupset

    Is it still available? And would you take £75?
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    For Sale Road cycling collection of bits Campag/Shimano/TA/Mavic

    Would you take £20 for the 105 headset and the Shimano cable stops? Plus postage to Herefordshire.
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    For Sale Bits for sale

    Are the Chorus brake calipers still available?
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    Mystery frame ID help

    A further update... this has been hanging on the wall of my shed since early September while I try and scrape the cash together to have it refinished. I've finally managed to send it off to Mercian (who are pretty sure it's one of theirs) and as well as refinishing it, they'll be adding various...
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    Retro road Strava club

    I've just joined! Most of my mileage is on a 1990s Dawes Audax.