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    Collection in Hassocks please

    Ok, let me know.
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    Collection in Hassocks please

    I could help with that Tc, I live a couple of miles from Hassocks. Are you in a hurry to get it? I'll have to search a box out from somewhere.
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    Mysterious disappearing bike: I tried riding one of these once...

    Is that the story you gave at the hospital? Mind you, at least it's safer that this -
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    '92 Marin Team Issue: Building Your Own Donor Bike (Finished Build: Page 8!)

    Wow, beautiful. The Suntour groupset in that condition must have taken some time and expense to get together. I'm talking from experience, your component choices are very similar to the ones I chose for the Biria in my signature.
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    A few retro clothing items

    Well I'm pretty dapper myself as it happens but this deserves it's own thread IMHO.
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    The "I'm not doing so well" thread

    And here's further proof of that, as if it's needed.
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    How does this work?

    😆 good luck. You used to be able to buy replacements but I doubt anyone has them in stock now.
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    How does this work?

    Reckon so -
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    Rema Tip Top Leakfinder

    Well, it appears to be a little plastic canister with polystyrene balls in it! Seems a little unnecessary to me. The Leakfinder by Rema Tip Top helps you find even small leaks in your inner tube or tyre. This little helper with small polystrene balls inside quickly and reliably shows you the...
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    How far gone is too far gone? (Yo content).

    I had similar with my Eclipse, the paint was wormed all over the frame as per the image. Shining a torch down the seat tube and it's junction with the top tube as well as the head tube and bottom bracket showed no rust at all that I could see, or at least nothing that didn't just wipe away. So I...
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    Zaskar with cdale forks on - £120 Southampton

    Those "translucent wheels" look like Mavic 217 Sunsets, worth a few quid in their own right.
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    BoTM BotM May 2021 - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres - CAST YOUR VOTE

    Thank you. And if you don't mind me saying so, you are obviously a highly intelligent and discerning person!
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    BoTM BotM May 2021 - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres - CAST YOUR VOTE

    I can't believe I got two votes in amongst all these beauties, thanks! Went for the Ritchey Everest myself. The Scoboni is luscious though.
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    BoTM Bike of the Month May 2021 nominations - 1988 and earlier - Sponsored by Terra One Tyres

    Johnboy's Eclipse Canyon Ltd 1985, could be 84 🤷‍♂️.
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    Eclipse Canyon Ltd 1984/5 -Finished-

    Re: Oooo, this is good stuff. I love the way these threads keep on giving! So would you agree mine is possibly a Canyon? It's hard to find any information about it now.