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    Lazy bankruptcy sale - Kona/Spesh/GT bikes - NEW BIKE PICS

    Re: Lazy bankruptcy sale - Kona/Spesh/GT/Saracen bikes PICS UP! A pic of the GT as it is going to be sold would be great, thanks
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    Selcof (on one) carbon riser bar, any good?

    Has anyone used the one/planets/selcof 40mm carbon riser bar. At £34 and 156g it looks pretty good value for money. Not particularly bling, but definitely light. Would love to hear thoughts. It would be for XC use
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    19" Specialized Stumpjumper M4, Chris King, Hope SOLD

    Re: 19" Specialized Stumpjumper M4, Chris King, Hope SPLITTING Are you keeping the cassette? If not, what is it? Interested in the 1x9 bits, i.e. crank, ring, shifter, mech, cassette and possibly the BB I am assuming the 1x9 all worked ok with the long cage mech? Thanks
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    I would love some advice on a bike for my wife.

    It's more that she thinks it's cool She also thinks that somehow pushing will be just as efficient as pedalling...... add that to her complaints of a sore bum after cycling and I thinks that's why she likes it. I have a Brompton too that she like looking at (M6 raw black edition) but is not so...
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    I would love some advice on a bike for my wife.

    It's also probably with saying she is definitely a fashion over function type of girl....
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    I would love some advice on a bike for my wife.

    I asked her mother last night, the last bike she had was when she was 10. 35 years ago!
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    I would love some advice on a bike for my wife.

    Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Her favourite colour is purple, for a bike I think she would probably like purple, pink, lime green/neon colours. Of those I liked probably the pink quick disc would get approval but I had a look at it last night and although it looks lovely and...
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    I would love some advice on a bike for my wife.

    I want to get a new bike for my wife using a scheme my employers run (vitality) which gives me 50% discount up to £500 on a bike from Evans (max discount £250) I need to decide over the weekend and order soon. I want it to be a surprise so I don’t really want to take her to the shop to...
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    *SOLD* Purple Middleburn outer ring - £14

    Re: Purple Middleburn outer ring - £14 What's the BCD please? 130?
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    XT V brakes and levers set

    What's under the black tape in the photos? Thanks
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    Specialized Stumpjumper 1995?

    Re: Re: I have it, I will pm you.
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    9 speed wheelset with cassette - cheap £35 POSTED!!!

    Re: 9 speed wheelset - cheap £40 What size are these? Thanks
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    Updated - LX M600 , STX , STX RC

    Re: LX , XT bits I will take these please if available. :D Thanks
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    Paceg60 feedback thread

    Great seller, even went out of his way to drop the forks I bought off at a friend's.
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    Various - XT Levers, shifters, Specialized Stems some karma

    Do you know what the °/+ rise on the specialized stem is? Or any chance of a photo taken side-on please Thanks