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    For Sale Karma odds and sods.

    Could I take the 1/18 Ahead stem please, looks like a GT flip flop so will work perfectly with one I’m building 🙏🏼 Cheers Jimmy
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    Who made e-stays

    My Alpinestars Al-Mega (Just undergoing a full restomod rebuild)
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    1991 Alpinestars Al-Mega DX

    Wow!!! That’s a shock on the retinas!!! 🥰 What a great build, can’t wait to see the progression fella 👌🏼
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    Shimano Endless band/ Braze on front mechs...

    I’m building an Alpinestars Al-Mega restomod and am obviously slightly updating the drivetrain... ...The frame uses an endless band or ‘braze on front mech and I currently have an M-735 for it, however the rest of the group is going to be M-739...Does anyone know whether Shimano produced a 739...
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    Mystery Bike - Not a Cannondale

    Great score! 👏🏼
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    ...Not sure if you’ve seen it, but dropped you a PM fella regarding my RC36 Evo’s... Cheers J
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    What’s the best way of getting hold of Gil? On here or on Bookface?

    As the title guys... I know he’s manic but I need some work doing for my Alpinestars... Cheers J
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    Mavic Wheels - Idiots Guide

    That's perfect! Thanks Matt... Have spoken to Gil and as they're foil, they'll cost exactly one kidney and a right leg!!! :oops::LOL:
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    Mavic Wheels - Idiots Guide

    Great thread this... 👌 Can anyone tell me where I can get the Mavic rim stickers from? Mine are starting to lift now and beginning to look shabby...
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    Alpinestars Cro Mega DX 1992

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    1996 GT Zaskar LE- how would you build it?

    Nice!!! 😍 I looked at that myself to sit alongside my frosted red Zaskar, but the little dent put me off... I'd do exactly as you suggested...Build it up with used/ scruffy high end parts and have a really nice quality, patinated high end mid 90's hardtail...There's not much out there for the...