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    For Sale few parts xtr pauls renthal etc

    Thanks for that. A mate is looking for a 34.9, but I’m sure you’ll sell these easily, it’s a very good price.
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    For Sale few parts xtr pauls renthal etc

    What’s the band size on the front mech bud?
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    98+ BoTM 1998 --> BoTM. Is it worth it? Have your say

    I like that idea too. I enjoy this BOTM but am basically out of bikes to enter.
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    What's Further North Than NorCal? (A 1991 Brodie Sovereign)

    Glad to see you’ve started the thread for this 😀 Excited to see pics and follow the progress!
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    BoTM BoTM May 2022 nominations - Kona Special, dedicated to the memory of @pipmeister

    All the bikes entered look great. I’ll throw my Hot in. I’ve owned it for 13 years now. I bought the frame on eBay and it was scouring the net for info that led me to this site. Build thread here: iveto1983’s 1996 Kona Hot.
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    1996 Kona Hot

    This has undergone a few tweaks since the last post. It now has Moots bar, stem and post, Cooks RSR cranks, and no-logo Salsa skewers.
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    Sorted build change #5647 - Syncros Cattlehead

    No problem. It’s 130mm and around 6° rise.
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    1996 Wilderness Trail Bikes Phoenix SE

    Cool. It’s a small world, as I also used to own a Merlin (2960) that I believe used to belong to you too!
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    Sorted build change #5647 - Syncros Cattlehead

    It’s 3/4 of your criteria. As I thought, it’s not glossy.
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    Wanted Proper nice large frame - anything goes....

    Roberts Stratos e-stay?
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    Suntour Command Shifters - Installation

    I didn’t know the plates were interchangeable, thanks for that. That opens up some options, I have some Shimano 8 and 9 speed bar end and down tube levers. I’ll have to open them up to check it out. I think that’s maybe the first time a Ritchey has been called fugly 😂 I’m a bit of a stickler...
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    Wanted Mavic Dakar Chainset/chainrings !! Don't all laugh 😂

    How many parts of the groupset are you missing? I’ve got a full groupset (minus bb) on my Roberts Stratos that I’m planning to sell shortly. I could be tempted to part it out.
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    Wanted Rear XT mech

    I’ve got a few. Are you after long or mid cage? My better condition ones are the mid cage. I’ll get them out tomorrow and post some pics.
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    Sorted build change #5647 - Syncros Cattlehead

    I’ve definitely got a 1 1/8” Cattlehead but it may be matt. I’ll have a look tomorrow and reply again.