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    -sold- 1998 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 complete bike

    Re: 1998 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 complete bike What size is it centre to top please?
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    WTD: 26” vbrake wheels - Hope, King, DT, XTR?

    Hello Ideally on a nice set of 517s or 217s... Thanks! GB
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    Many levers - Avid, Early Suntour, Early Dia Come x2

    If the Avids are for Vs (which I think they are as they are the L ones) I’ll take those please. George
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    For Sale Lots: Brake levers, bars, aerator post, frame bag, bottle

    Re: Cooks Quality Products, XTR V brakes, Marin stem, Thomson Hello £80 for the brakes? George
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    Pace fork decals?

    Hello Probably a common question, but I couldn’t find the answer... I’ve got a set of decal-less RC31s that I’d like to sticker up. Does anyone know how I might get a set? GB
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    Red Raceface turbines and Zero titanium BB - SOLD

    Re: Red Raceface turbines and Zero titanium BB Wow! Never knew Zero were based in Cranleigh. Very cool local components!
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    Paul Component bonanza - All gone

    Re: Paul Component bonanza Curious - what’s a chimchim?
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    WTD: M950 left hand crank 175mm VGC

    Hello Anyone got one? Could be tempted to buy the whole chainsaw depending on price. I’ve got a set already but the left hand crank is a bit scuffed so looking for a set in nice condition, left hand especially. Thanks! George
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    XTR M950 cranks

    Hello Arms only is fine; I have a set already but the octalink has worn (after 20 years...) and they knock on the axle. I can re-use the rings, just need new arms. Potentially only one side but I guess people will be selling pairs. Needs to be nice condition with little rub please. Anyone? GB
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    Steel then and now - is there really a noticeable difference

    danson67 - the El Mar doesn’t have an EBB. It has swinger dropouts (although those also add weight). The “ridden into a wall” comment was how Sam at Singular explained CEN tests to me at one point in the past - seemed a good analogy and is why their new frames are heavier than the v1.
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    Steel then and now - is there really a noticeable difference

    My 1996 Yo Eddy is 1850g. A 2012 Salsa El Mariachi was 2500g. Lugging around an extra 2lbs in the frame makes the modern one feel harsh, dead and heavy. Much prefer the ride of the older ones but then they wouldn’t pass the CEN tests which seem to require the frame to survive being ridden at...
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    FS: Race Face Next SL G4 crank arms brand new

    Hello I've got a set of these for sale, they are the latest G4 versions. Brand new in box. 175mm arms, stealth graphics. No chainring (although I have a choice of a few part worn ones you are welcome to have FOC if you want to run it with a used chain). Cheapest I can find online is £380...
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    Found - wide, flat 25.4 bars

    Hello Whilst I'm all for "cool" retro, some bits make all the difference to make these bikes actually usable and a lot more fun! I've been hunting for some wide flat bars in 25.4 (660mm+) which of course didn't really exist in the 1990s... I found some by a company called Toseek on eBay from...
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    BotM July 2017 - nominations

    Re: Freshly built...
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    For Sale Classic Repro : Ringlé, Grafton, Fat, Syncros, Shimano...

    Re: New models repro parts : Grafton, Fat, Syncros, Shimano... Hello Please can I order a 1 1/8 Syncros stem cap? GB