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    Four Bar Full Suspension Bikes

    I'm surprised nobody's posted a Turner yet. The second company to use the four bar design after Horst Leitner set up Amp Bikes. Here's my 2003 5 Spot -
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    a UK bike trade shop owner FYI for the masses!

    I called in to my lbs just before xmas and the shop was almost empty of bikes. The owner simply couldn't get any at the time of year when the place would usually be rammed. And it might not be getting better anytime soon -
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    WTB: Thomson 27.2 Post

    Straight, black and in vgc. Send me a pm if you've got one for sale.
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    Are these for real?

    I had that Ti post on my watchlist. Two guys bid it up to £255 before one dropped out, then a shill joined in and pushed the winner up to £485. Even at £255 it was a crazy price. The 'winner' must've been seriously desperate for some Ti Syncros lovelyness.
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    Your favourite album of the year so far.

    Re: RTJ 4 for me -
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    Tool Manufacturer Recommendations Needed.

    Re: Re: I work on watches and I've found a snap back case opener perfect for the job -
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    All Sold -Handlebars , stems , seatpost , yeti grips

    Re: Handlebars , stems , seatpost , yeti grips PM'd re seatpost.
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    V Brake 100-120mm forks...

    Re: Re: 80mm travel on the RC36 on a frame designed for 100-120mm so not really suitable. Fox Vanilla are looking like the favourites right now with the ability to adjust the travel between 100 and 130mm and I do like the plushness of a coil, plus they're black which is the favored colour...
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    V Brake 100-120mm forks...

    Re: Re: 110mm would be perfect and I'd not considered those so thanks for the suggestion. Nothing on Ebay atm but a very clean one sold for £90 in May. The frame is a Turner from 1999 and V brake only but I'm not too bothered about period correct, only as long as it has mounts for both V and...
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    Santa Cruz Heckler Frame SOLD

    Size small so 15" c-c, 17"c-t and 20.5" top tube c-c. Serial starts with 97 so I guess that's the year. V brake only, no disc mounts. X Fusion shock was supposedly new when I bought the frame around 3 years ago and hasn't required topping up in that time. Used only a handful of times in my...
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    V Brake 100-120mm forks...

    So I'm after the above from around 1999-2003ish but not sure what the options are. I've seen Fox RLC with adjustable travel which would be 2004 at least so what else is out there. I'm guessing Marzocchi were one of the best at the time but it's a brand I'm unfamiliar with and have no idea what's...
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    Watch suggestions

    Have you considered the North Flag? Possibly my favourite out of the current Tudor range -
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    Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch, double boxed, cards etc SOLD

    Re: FS: Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch, double boxed, cards etc (U Ooohhh, been thinking about chopping a few Seikos lately and buying one of these. Must resist!
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    '95 Judy XC Oil Cartridge Leak?

    Re: Re: Risse no longer do them. I ordered one last year and they spent six months ignoring my emails before I eventually got my money back by opening a PayPal dispute. Since that little episode they've been removed from the site.
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    What bar width?

    Most people in that poll are probably using 40mm stems though. I'm running 600mm/100mm on my retro and 740mm/70mm on my modern but I'm tempted to try a shorter stem on my modern or chop the bars to 700mm. It's interesting to note that the wider bar fad has extended to BMX, but if you watch the...