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    Wanted Large or XL Hard Tail 29er -

    WHYG (midlands to south coast)
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    Sold Whyte Jw2 £450 Last Shout before I break it for parts - need the money for a fork rebuild at TFT!!!
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    Raleigh Cameo Project

    whilst out walking the dog I came across an abandoned bike (as if often the case these days) it looked dirty and rough but the frame looked like it had some potential. Its a blue Cameo supplied by Rutland, fairly modern - v brakes. The frame has cleaned up very nice as have the cranks - no...
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    Delta V 700 - Done (I damn well hope so anyway)

    Sold this babe now to a guy in Dorset
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    Klein Adept Rescue!!!!

    yes it was close to 23lb with a fixed seat post, but the extra weight of the dropper was worth it. But my e-bike made it unemployed - so it had to go
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    Moterra Update at 80 miles

    This effer has made all my retro rides redundant. If you have never been uphill on one of these - you havent lived! it eats chains and tires for breakfast - an XT chain lasts 300 miles max and tires about the same. So now instead of a retro kit collection, I now have spare new chains and...
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    Jekyll 800 Build

    This went for a great price during Lockdown 1.0 - my Moterra is my go-to bike and nothing else was being used so the collection has thinned right down....
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    Klein Adept Rescue!!!!

    Sold this all off as parts during lock down 1.0:(
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    Campy Brakes spares or repairs

    Re: sorry all - the adjusters on these brakes are held in place by the cable being fitted and just pull out if no cable is fitted so rest assured the barrel adjusters are included - in the plastic bag.....
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    WTD: 26" ust tire

    I have a sidewall rip on my Conti Vertical and i tried to fix it - no luck- so has anyone got a decent tire for me no bigger than 2.2 please its for a my Cross rides with the plastic just ust rim strip which works great. the front hasn't lost any air in 3 years!
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    Campy Brakes spares or repairs

    ok here they are again: one side is cracked on each set- More of less in the same place, infact as luck would have it if, one good set good be made!:
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    Campy Brakes spares or repairs

    These are all good except the slots for the brake pads are cracked £25 posted
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    Time Atac Titanium

    Apologies - my OP was from memory when I stripped it a few weeks ago- I meant to say can we still get the mud/dust collar - as you can see below the Far left item - I Hamfisted it and it broke when attempting to remove the bearing!!! If not I dont think its a problem as there is another shield...
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    Time Atac Titanium

    Hi the bearings are shot on my Ti atacs - so I have stripped one down and tried to remove the bearing but it shattered and the bushing broke to Can I still get the bushing for these as I really want to get them going again
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    Time Atac Ti Service

    scratch that collar off tug the axel out circle holds the bearing on Job done! love the simple design