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    Late father's T J Quick help please

    Came across this while researching my Witcomb frame, lovely restoration and hope you are enjoying some lovely rides.
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    My Witcomb

    This is my one. Serial no 1120875, I beleive it's an LX Professional, confused by serial number, perhaps they had a set of Nervex Pro lugs kicking about the workshop in 75?? The other bikes I have seen so far with similar detail appear to date from 58 - 64, anyone have any ideas, the...
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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    Many thanks to everybody who chipped in, gr8 to see some lovely old bikes and components too, with a bit of help and a bit more digging around I can definitely say it is a Witcomb LX Professional, 1958 - 62 era, some more research is needed to try to make use of the serial number and possibly...
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    Classic Witcomb possibly?

    Hi I picked up a frame a couple of years ago, the paint work was original the decals faded but u can just make them out. The lug detailing on my frame is identical (Nervex late 50s style) and also the seat stay wrap over detail, I have learned is specific to Witcomb, this is from all of my...
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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    That is a very close match, what a great spot, really helps out with the sleuthing. Be interesting to see if I can find some of the decals H Lloyds can normally come up trumps. Love the faded yellow Nervex sticker Thanks @Hamster for digging this one out from the depths of the intaweb Paul
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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    Hi and the replies have been enlightening, nowt simple about identifying vintage bikes even with a serial number :) I have restored several Carlton's and many other british road bikes over the years and several of these have had a semi wrap over seat stay fixing, but the difference in quality...
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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    thamks Keith and Big Block, i'll check the link :)
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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    Hi, Im looking to bring back this Witcomb as close as i possibly can to it's former glory. I picked up the frame a couple of years ago and have had other projects and pesky work keeping me from getting stuck in. It appears to have nervex lugs throughout. The paint looks to be the original...
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    Peugot PX10 ready for shed love

    Pic 2 Serial no and position
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    Carlton Clubman 1980

    Cheers Mike ;) It was a summer love in, new components added soon after I picked her up, managed to bag a few Cols, been genuinely impressed with how she handles. Thinking of moving her on, as I have had a few other projects which I managed to complete. Had some interest from Canada, she could...
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    Carlton Clubman 1980

    Picked up this vintage Carlton back in early summer, it was in good working order when I collected it. I was keen to upgrade the budget Suntour gearset to the Suntour SVX in keeping with the period and quality builds that Carlton 531 bikes came out of the factory with. Paintwork is original...
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    1977 Carlton project

    Re: could it be A CLUBMAN Looks very similar to my 1980 Clubman serial number is WH0000227
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    Viking Superstar 1977

    Re: Re: Awesome Rusty had a look on Google images, that is a nice bike, loads of nice vikings if u follow this link ... teresting/
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    Viking Superstar 1977

    Thanks Rusty Nob :) Appreciate the comments guys :) have a few more projects itching for attention. decided to get busy and create the Superstar decal for the top tube, found a few more images online of the one I need
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    RBotY - Road Bike Of The Year 2017! Poll Now Up - VOTE NOW!

    And The Winner Is.... Well done Mike! This is richly deserved for your dedication to the values and craftsmanship of a bygone era, you are a big inspiration to me and to many other vintage bike lovers, Congratulations. Paul