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    For Sale 1993 year MARIN decals decals decals sticker sets for Team Titanium Pine F.R.S. - and many more!

    Hi guys... please write in Englisch and drop me a PM here or write me an E-mail to Cheers
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    1994 MARIN Team FRS build up restoration thread full XTR M900 & Ringle

    Hi! Yes no problem ...take a longer hex wrench key and unscrew the black plastic part directly from the lower lug. The system will come off then. Cheers
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    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

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    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

    The (nick) name of this KLEIN paint scheme derives from a famous european ice cream produced by "Langnese" during the 80s. Maybe it still exists today. Which was called DOLOMITI and had the same color scheme as the bike. The official KLEIN paint color name is simply: "Bright green/white/magenta...
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    Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'

    To me personally, its too light pink. It doesnt look too original. The paint tends to become even lighter pink with UV rays and sunlight over time .... and by the way: Its called "Dolomiti". Not Dolomite ;-)
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    1983 CINELLI Supercorsa Donna Red * ultra rare find *

    Hi Richard! ....the bike was/is in maintainance mode. So ... didnt care how the skewers are :-) As soon as the bike will see daylight, the handle will be on the left side of course :) Thank You! Cheers
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    but: to be fair! It looks like a bike from a home depot store :-D How much was a KLEIN Attitude back then again?
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    Cannondale identification please

    There are no "models". Just names! There were 2.8 series, 3.0 series, 3.8 series frames which were ALL the same ... basically! 90% of the "difference" was the group set and parts used and the decal that was put on the bike with retro Cannondales.
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    Cannondale identification please

    Bit of a mistery here The frame is an April, 1995 produced. First, I thought it must be a M 300 SE where somebody put in a Pepperoni along the way. But the bottle cage holders are pretty high and the rear of the frame looks more than M 500 upwards. Strange one ...
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    For Sale Answer MANITOU 2 Elastomers Service Kits - Brand New Sets Available Now!

    After having started with Manitou 1 and Manitou Comp it was only logical and just a short way to putting together the M2 sets now. Made in Germany. Brand new elastomer kits for retro suspension fork replacement service kit. SHORE 50 A. For riders between 70kg and 100/110kg. Manufactured by...
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    For Sale Marin decals

    Definitely not. Here is a what you call "modern" Marin R ...which (in various sizes and thicknesses depending on build year and model eg. Team Titanium of late 80s vs. the normal early 90s models or Glenn Ellen 700c trekking vs the other models of 1993 and so on) is used on the down tubes since...
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    For Sale Marin decals

    That is a weird "R" in the Marin downtube logo. Is that original? :-) For which year?
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    Magpiegifts Feedback

    ...bought a frame from me and we´ve had several PMs and conversations here and there! Very nice and good guy. Very easy and smooth to trade with.