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    1994 Slingshot

    Movement is very subtle but it’s lateral as well as vertical no feels a little loose. It’s just a little terrifying to look at!
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    1994 Slingshot

    Almost completed this 94 Slingshot build. I picked this up as a complete but unloved bike in Melbourne about 12 years ago and it was in a very sorry state. When I moved to the UK it came with me but remained untouched until last year. Thanks to lockdown I finally found the time to tackle it. The...
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    Onza Chill Pills

    Re: If you can dig out the Silver ones then I’d certainly take them Pigman, thank you for replying.
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    Onza Chill Pills

    Looking for some Onza Chill Pills in black or silver. New or used considered.
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    Heads up - Argos painters in Bristol

    Re: Just got mine back from Argos but worth the wait.
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    Unused Pure Racing MTB frame

    Pure Racing MTB Frame For sale I have a brand new 15" Pure Racing alloy MTB frame painted in Aston Martin blue. Pure racing are a British company best know for their high-end BMX frames but I've not seen another MTB frame by the brand. I bought the frame last year with the intention of...
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    Lovely 1991 alpinestars al-mega DX [PUO Aus!]

    I won the auction on the Alpinestars although it will be passed on to a friend of mine as my own collection is getting out of hand. I'll upload some pictures and report back on the frame repair once I pick it up.