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    Trek 800 Sport 2001 (2002 MY)

    I have only sold this one in the last month, but had it from new. At the time of sale, it had 3x9 Alivio gearing (48-38-28 to 12-36) and a Shimano crankset in place of the original Suntour. A nice ride, and still in stock form, it got from London to Brighton in 2016, no bother. Sad to see it...
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    Flat pedals on a budget

    I'm happy using Wellgo LU987Us on both my bikes. Not the lightest, but far from heavy either. And crucially, can be found for around a tenner.
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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    Howdy, I'm Den, currently living in Tavistock, West Devon. Two bikes One a modified pure roadie, and the other a vintage steel mixte. I'm 68, don't walk very well due to spinal issues, but can still ride as well as I ever did! Which is actually distinctly average, but getting better. Thanks for...
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    Early 80s Madison of London Revell Mixte

    Greetings again, 2nd post. Here's the nearest thing I have to a retro bike. It was almost certainly sold originally as a ladie's drop bar roadie. When I first got it, it had 27x1 1/4 wheels, full mudguards, riser bars, and downtube shifters. Now it has narrow flat bars, 700c Shimano R500...
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    Scott AFD Expert, early 2000's

    Greetings, my first post here. Here's my not-quite-retro road bike , a freebie included as part of a bike mechanics course in 2017. As acquired: As it is now, almost: flat bars, wider-range 9-speed gearing. The only major departure from this is a later R550 wheelset, replacing the R500 set...