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    BoTM BotM September 2021 - nominations

    I love Yeti Ultimate’s having looked for one for a while now and got beaten to everyone I’ve seen for sale I’ve seen the Zinn up close and it’s gorgeous, truly gorgeous What a dilemma, but my early thoughts are so far it’s the Zinn for me with the bike I’d love to own a very very close second...
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    The price issue - again....

    I'm very much like Peachy when on the rare occasion I do sell something it tends to be for less than I paid for it or have in it, but when I am looking for parts I am now seeing (on certain sites ) prices what I feel are well over the odds I've been on the scene since around 97 and at the...
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    BoTM BotM July 2021 - the vote

    A great month and congratulations to @raidan73
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    Pace rc200 f1 chainline

    It was to the Richard Thackray restoration and based upon that I’ll be fitting a Royce 126mm to my Black F1 once I’ve sourced one I’m just in the process of getting the components sourced for the build of my Black F1 and will be starting a thread for that soon 👍🏻
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    Pace rc200 f1 chainline

    I’ve just put a 126mm BB back into an F1 which was the original size Once you’ve identified the parts you are going to anodise and know the colour scheme you are going to go for I can highly recommend Acorn plating
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    Wanted Mk1 Mavic Crossmax 26”

    I’ll PM you
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    Wanted Mk1 Mavic Crossmax 26”

    Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone has a set of Mk1 Crossmax for sale (Black) Please PM me if you have
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    Anyone machine a stem steerer clamp ?

    A member on hear called “The reach” he’s a first class engineer and will be able to do this for you
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    Wanted MAVIC M231/M261 CD rims 32H

    Don’t think they will be any good for you but a set of nice 36h 231cd rims have just come on the bay, auction listing. Thought I’d mention incase you can accommodate these
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    Pace RC200 F2 / Magura

    Dave, Admittedly centre does look slightly bigger than the two outers
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    Pace RC200 F2 / Magura

    Dave, I’ve got an F2 and here’s a pic of how I’ve got my rear Hydrostop’s routed. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got this type of guide from
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    Pace RC200 F2 / Magura

    Dave have you thought about a Cannondale hose guide? Almost identical to those used on RC100’s and can be bought relatively cheaply off the bay. Normally affixed with two pins but you could easily bond one to frame with something not too aggressive if you have a look at the restoration I did...
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    BoTM Bike of The Month June 2021 - The vote

    Many thanks, it’s really appreciated and absolutely someone is going to have to pay big bucks for the Falcon now 👍🏻😁