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    Sold Kona hei hei frame for sale

    Pm on the way
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    For Sale GT Zaskar frame Now Sold

    Pm on the way
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    Sold GT Lightning 16 inch frame

    Dibs, pm on the way
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    For Sale Litespeed Ocoee 1997 Frame SOLD

    Hi, not difficult to understand that the problem is all related to disc mount. The frame has been modified, and this put people off, specially in one forum of collector of vintage bikes.
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    Sold SOLD

    Yes, i take it. Pm on the way
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    Wanted WTD Lightweight Full suspension MTB size Medium

    Hi, i have one FRM be active frame. It is medium, lightweight and kool. L
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    Sold XTR M-950/1/2 Brakes N' RD

    Pm re vbrakes
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    Ritchey vector saddle + XT 739 rear derailleur. sold/withdra

    Re: Ritchey vector saddle + XT 739 rear derailleur. Rear mech please Pm you
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    Gt zaskar frame or GT Xizang Small

    Still after the frame above
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    FRM PMP titanium STM

    Sunday bump
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    Cheap Marzocchi bomber forks SOLD

    Re: Cheap Marzocchi bomber forks Pm on the way