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    Concorde Gavina, Retro-Neo reverse build.

    Lovely job there very easy on the eye and I'd guess with components it performs really well. Congratulations
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    2x26” conti inner tubes £6.05 at the big evil A

    Got mine for me tandem, thank you.
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    For Sale Graham Weich 60cm in excellent condition £375. I can add more information if anyone is interested.

    The gear indicators are new to me, can you tell me anymore about them, are they Shimano?
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    Wanted 60mm deep drop brake calipers.

    Recessed or nutted please. Nothing fancy just needed to try a frame and see if it suits. Thanks for looking
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    Washer on the drive side of Shimano UN300 BB?

    If you search for the shimano dealer manual it gives you chapter and verse. To much to transfer to here
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    Wanted Touring or hybrid steel frame

    What size frame James?
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    Unique SBDU bike....maybe?

    Sold for £920.
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    For Sale Any value? To anyone

    Hi Reedy, all adverts require a price, thems the rules. It would be great help if you could add pictures and some dimensions. Good luck with the sale.
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    Apart from tubing what other components did Reynolds make?

    I've a Barron that has Reynolds lugs - very nice too, lovely quality.
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    ID this seat post

    Looks like the groupset I had had a 6310 ax seat post. Aero and beautiful in form, micro adjust perfect in function so as far as I can tell there wasnt a specific Arabesque seat post. I've ridden this seat post for at least 30,000 miles and it's never flinched whereas I'm just waiting for my...
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    ID this seat post

    It's nice but not as nice as 600 arabesque.
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    ID this seat post

    It looks identical to the chorus titanium seat post I have. It has Campagnolo and titanium at the rear ie so a following rider can read it.
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    For Sale Vitus 979 size 58cm 22.5’” Blue

    Did you read the cream bar at the bottom of your post regarding Classified rules and regulations?