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    Wanted Wanted Michelin or Hutchinson tyres

    Looking for some 26inch tyres, red Michelin hot s tyres in 2.1 size. Must be in good nick. Also some Hutchinson tyres of some sort, don’t really know much about the models as I’ve never owned any but would like some in yellow. Open to suggestions if you have something drop me a message. Cheers...
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    Wanted Chris king

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    For Sale Rockshox Duke Race Forks Yellow

    Did these sell in the end mate?
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    Wanted Salsa lip lock seat clamp and skewers

    Bumpy bump bump
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    Wanted Chris king

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    Wanted Sram xo

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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

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    Wanted Pace RC30 fork legs only, cantilever bosses

    What a absolutely brilliant thread! Like many who have owned a set of these forks and other Pace components, their engineering, design and quality has always been fascinating to me! Now to see someone put that thought and detail into a reproduction only illustrates the complexity of the task...
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    Sold NIB Selle Italia Flite Kevlar

    Pm sent
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    Wanted 121 d521 Mavic rims

    Hi, just seen this. So I’ve already found 1 ceramic so unless they’re ceramic not interested I’m afraid. They do look in excellent condition I must say!
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers