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    Orange Ms Isle

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    Orange Ms Isle

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    Orange Ms Isle

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    Orange Ms Isle

    Hi All, Have been a member here for years but was out of the bike scene for a while. Am back again and I have refreshed my Orange Ms Isle that I have had since new (around 2001). All paint/decals are original. I know some may say keep original but I want it to ride a bit more “modern” and...
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    My First Orange MrO Update 20/9/12

    This bike looks amazing, bet it's great to ride. I have an Orange Msisle in original 'Orange' and it looks the nuts, so my vote would be the ford electric orange. It would look great on that frame. Here is a picture of mine which shows the colour to give you an idea: Chris
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    Klein Attitude Sea&Sky 04/94

    One word.....Amazing!!! 8)
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    Kona Ku 1997

    I love this bike, I thought the bombers looked ok but those green manitou's look fantastic with the frame colour!! Chris
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    1996 Trek Y 22 nude before & after

    Nice bike mate, love those frames! :wink: That saddle looks comfy!! Chris
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    Thanks mate! I did plan to put some Tioga 2.1 tyres on but they looked rubbish and barely cleared the chainstays so I went for the 1.95 Tioga Phsyco II. Next on the list is to sort the shifters. They are pretty knackered so I'll strip them back see if I can bring them back to life! Chris
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    AMAZING collection! How many times per day do you look at them!? :shock: :lol:
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    Sorry to bore you lot... :roll: but I thought i'd stick some more pictures up as I have manged to get a few more bits back on the frame! p.s. only trial fitting the brake levers...i am on the look out for XTR bits but these will do for now! Also found the original price list from...
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    litespeed niota build.

    Very nice bike that, looks in brilliant condition! :wink: Chris
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    Fitted the wheels today after a little clean up! I did originally have a pair of Mavic 217 rims on LX hubs but I managed to snap the rear rim! This was a good few years ago and I had it re-built using the same hub but with a Sun Rhyno rim. Still have the Mavic rim on the front though...
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    Orange C16-R - Small Update Thanks for all your comments :D Trial fitted the rigid forks toight just to see what they looked like and I must say they look pretty good! .....and a picture of my other x2 toys!! :lol: Chris
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    Orange C16-R - *Update 07/07/2011*

    Yes it's had the ahead set from new. I bought the C16 as a frame set and then bough a groupset, wheels, bar, stem etc...I fitted the diacomp ahead sets then. I remember the slime green! I very nearly got it in that colour but I remember thinking the blue looked a lot nicer. GoIng to go...