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    For Sale Xt mechs, lx shifters, azonic stem, a2z adapter

    LX shifters please. 😊
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    Token BB ISO 111mm £12.50

    Re: Hi - could I have the BB please. Gaz
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    DA 10s bar end shifters

    Re: Could I have the skewers please? Thanks Gaz
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    Shimano 600/Ultegra/Tricolour Brakes, Mechs, Cranks,Shifter

    Front mech fitted and looks great thanks. How low would you go on the shifters?
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    FS - Rapha, Sportful, Howies, Adidas, Sealskinz, Mavic Gear

    Re: mavic vision Hi Could I have the vision top please. Ta Gaz
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    Left hand SL-M770 9 speed shifter.

    Hi - I've got two right hand XT SL-M770 shifters and as I have less than two right hands would like a left hand one! Fancy a swap or selling me yours? Ta
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    Orange (silver) Aheadstem Now £6 Posted!

    Re: titec bars Hi Looking for some nice bars - you still got the titecs? If so I'll have them :) Thanks Gaz
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    2009/10 Cube Agree GTC Pro Ultegra

    Re: Thanks - :facepalm: :oops:
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    2009/10 Cube Agree GTC Pro Ultegra

    Really beautiful 56cm Cube Agree GTC Pro carbon fibre racing/sportive bicycle. Very light with crisp handling - flies up hills! Mostly used in the dry during summer so looks great. New cassette ( 27-11) and chain this year. Sad to be selling but space is short. Prefer pick up but will courier if...
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    Peugeot Black Mamba 531 MTB frame

    Peugeot Black Mamba frame. Reynolds 531 All Terrain tubing. Loads of bosses for bottles, racks etc. Supplied with a rough but usable headset and old school seatpin. Usual marks for a used frame. Paint and decals 7/10 overall. V or canti brake stubs. Verticals dropouts. 20 inch c-c seat tube. 22...
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    Ade's Disappointing Road Sale - LOTS INSIDE!

    Seat pin Hi - Could I have the set pin please? Thanks Gaz
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    £10 / £5 posted sale. Plus a couple of extras

    Re: Spoon I'll have the spoon if you still have it :D gaz
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    Salsa steel frame

    Frame sold! :D