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    Wanted Rock Shox Judy SL Aluminium 1.1/8th Crown + Steer

    right, that`s true, however, it is possible to replace the steerer, if needed. Most people do not do that and look for a new set of crown + steerers for a while. But I have some experience with the replacement and I have done 3 (three) steerers on my own forks myself. The question is not how to...
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    Wanted Rock Shox Judy SL Aluminium 1.1/8th Crown + Steer

    it would be better if you clearly say that you`re after a set of crown + steerer :(
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    Wanted Used Titanium 1995 Judy Titanium Brake Long Bosses

    the best choice, not sure whether you find cheaper.....
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    Wanted Rock Shox Judy SL Aluminium 1.1/8th Crown + Steer

    Hi, I have one, 190mm length. Steerer only. Peter
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    Any Sram xo chainsets for sale?

    I do confirm that. I searched for one GXP set for more than 1 year. Would be good for potential traders, if you`re after GXP or BB30.
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    JMC Yellow Inner Cable

    Have you seen/known Powercordz? They make yellow as well. Both brake and shofters.
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    Nos shark fins

    If still looking for it, I have one in the original package, NOS (I know this is not the SALE section, just respond to query). PM for details. Peter
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    Wanted V- brake boss blanks/hose guides

    I have a silver HOPE one. PM for details. Peter
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    Sorted Cable adjuster for rear mech

    Hello, sorry for the late answer, I forgot to answer you. Mea culpa. Unfortunately, I didn`t find that in my box with spare parts :( I have a complete XTR M952 rear mech, but for spares only (there`s a big play in pivots, it can`t be regularly used). Otherwise complete, if interested.
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    Sorted Cable adjuster for rear mech

    I may have one from XTR M952. Let me check that today.
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    Wanted Shimano cantilever brake levers (Sorted)

    Hi, what about the following ones? I`m after 18EUR, inc. shipping costs to the UK. Peter
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    Sorted XTR 950 Rear Derailleur

    I offer one with a remote rapid-fire set. This one is M951 Inverse spring. Technically in very good condition, but used, chips here and there.... 50EUR for the set, plus shipping costs. If interested, please, PM. Thank you.
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    Wanted 26.6 Seatpost

    Hi, I have one black 26,6 x 420, in very good condition (I think it`s Kalloy). I can send a picture via PN, if interested. Peter
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    Wanted M950 XTR/M737-739 XT Groupset, flite saddle, 27.2 lightweight post, Smoke & Dart tan walls

    Hey Paul, if you decide to buy the Controltech seatpost from Mat, I can provide you with a brand-new set of decals for this seatpost.
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    Wanted XT M737 Rear Derailleur - Parts

    Hi Matt, I would have all you need, inc. 10T pulleys. I will check all them tomorrow and will update you. Peter