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    1996 GT All Terra catalog wanted

    Re: I have a jpg version of this 96 catalog
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    New Project - Italian Vetta

    Re: Hi, unfortunately I no longer have the frame or decals.
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    1993 Trek 9200

    Re: Sorry....dont have this anymore
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    GT Jersey Collection

    Re: Some new additions to the collection....
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    show us your gt's

    Re: Re: I actually took them off today....going to put vbrakes back on, maguras on something else...maybe....
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    show us your gt's

    Re: Another LTS-1 from 1997....
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    GT Jersey Collection

    Never the plan to chase years....just collect...
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    GT XCR LE (2000)

    Re: Already have... and the two together before the upgrade on the XCR...
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    GT Jersey Collection

    A couple more to ad to the collection
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    show us your gt's

    My latest
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    GT XCR LE (2000)

    Re: Bit of a update: Yellow Dukes and Disc Brakes
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    spotting a fake Zaskar

    Its a 1999 Zaskar paint colors...same as my 99 Xizang....
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    POST YER GT's! Here are mine

    Here are some of mine: 1999 Xizang 2000 XCR LE 2003 Zaskar Pro - Frame (currently building) 2005 IDXC 1.0 2006 GT Chucker 1.0
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    GT Zaskar LE 1993

    I like the Edges better than the Michelins (Green)... I have another set of Onza's but of course they have cracks....
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    1994 GT Zaskar

    Looking good....