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    Sending a frame off to the powder coaters - what prep is needed?

    Love the W+G referenced cable ties. Brilliant!
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    For Sale Yo Eddy *price reduction* £1,800

    Is the seat tube still 29.4 or did they use are different diameter replacement? If so, if it comes to splits I would be interested in the Ringlé post... :)
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    Sold more parts ird kingsbery onza etc

    Pants, that IRD post was just what I was after for my Bontrager. Next time!
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    BoTM BotM August 2021 nominations - bonded frames special

    Majority of my bikes are bonded. Hmmm, decisions decisions - shall I enter my first ever BOTM this August, that is the question!
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    Wanted Rock shox mag crowns 1 inch

    If you have / find a Judy crown / steerer in 1" threaded then I could swap for my Mag series 1"... :)
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    Specialist KLEIN bike shops??

    Is it a Zaskar?
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    Noodle on Stumpies

    I'm not entirely sure that is actually a StumpJumper. The seat tube collar looks too chunky, and the cable guides don't seem quite right. Can you do some close up photos of them? It might be a '93 RockHopper maybe...
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    What are these skewers?

    Sometimes have logo with exaggerated 'Z' on them - I've got a set of three on a Pace, so can provide confirmation if more than @gtturbo recognition and knowledge is needed!
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    Cannondale XYZ barends

    You say that, but I've still got things on my list that I've been looking for since about 2004. If only someone would dig up some of my old wanted posts and offer something up!
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    What are these skewers?

    Yes, they're Zero Components. :)
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    For Sale American roller stem 1” quill

    I know I just need that - but I can't think what for!
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    1990 or 1991 Bottom bracket - when did Royce start?

    He gave a good talk at Bespoked a few years back, followed on by someone from Hope, who, er, didn't!
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    Search by image

    On the forum of old, we used to be able to filter search results by 'image' - is there a way to do that with the new format? Probs something simple and obvious which I've not seen..
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    Sold SOLD NOS Tioga Disk Drive Pro for sale

    Why did you buy all this stuff then if you don't like bikes? Very wierd!
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    Hope C2/O2 Issues

    It's a no no.