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    Sold KLEIN ADROIT 1995 BURGUNDY in 19" full Shimano XTR M900 like new

    Always the Kleins, always the Kleins. :( OP - good luck with your sale, it seems rather rude what has followed your listing...
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    Recommend me a pedal spanner

    Hang on, hang on, hang on... You're saying that if he asks your wife, she will get him a pedal spanner for his next birthday? Is she aware you're offering up such services to total strangers on her behalf?
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    $500 for a stem with stuck bar

    That's shorter than the usual for a TrailStem. Yummy!
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    Prototype early Specialized FSR

    Always Leads to nowhere this type of sale.
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    Prototype early Specialized FSR

    I know my onions, and that's an FSR all day long.
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    Prototype early Specialized FSR

    Or was it ShiftForBrains™️? I can't quite remember.
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    Prototype early Specialized FSR

    That's because it's got BrainShift™️
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    Prototype early Specialized FSR
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    Project: Shed

    All jokes aside, and with a genuine intention to assist with your woes, don't you live down the road from @al who has a big garage? Get him to chuck out all his bikes (which we all know are shit anyway) and then you can commandeer his garage. Benefits of this (immediate thoughts, there may be...
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    What options are there for American saddles and chains?

    Viking titanium chain was USA made...
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    1994 Serotta Ti-Max

    Dave Kirk is a man whose knowledge and experience I would put above many others. His description of how FC developed the SAB is not quite as generous sounding as that eBay message from the person wanting to sell their FC Ti would have you believe... But anyways, this is a thread about the...
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    Shoes query

    Thanks @mattr - would that be the ATAC XC 6 for example, or is the same feeling replicated on their cheaper pedals? They have some starting at 35 quid, but apparently they don't have tension release adjustability. Good to know in advance as I've collected up a few different sets of spd and...
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    The return of the Romax

    Very classy Ade, look forward to finished pics and maybe a ride at some point when diaries coincide. :) On a side note - wtf is my Bontrager doing stacked up on a pile of logs in the background???!
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    1994 Serotta Ti-Max

    Well, I guess there's 'low key' and then there's 'inappropriate'...! I was meaning 'low key' as in subtle no nonsense Syncros stuff instead of lots of bright coloured Ringlé / Grafton / MachineTech etc, parts.
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    Sorted build change #5647 - Syncros Cattlehead

    I think that 3 out of 4 is pretty good going in this instance - I'll take it please! :)