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    Show us your Pace rc100,200,300

    Just realised my NOS F1(which I call Mint is murder(ed out), wasn’t on here.
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    Wanted Orange Clockwork orange/white fade 17

    I have what I think is an 18” 1993 Clockwork for sale, but it is in black. Could be repainted though if you wanna go down that route, as they we’re available both in black and orange/white that year. Check it out here...
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    FINISHED! - More or Less NOS Pace RC200 F1

    YouTube/GMBNTech fame 😬 at 33:43
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    Wanted 90s Shimano 3x7sp trigger shifters/levers

    I have a set of LX for sale here
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    BoTM April 2021 nominations now invited

    That Mantis is lovely! Always one of my favourite US bikes :cool:
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    Best model name for a retro mtb?

    Just bought a Pole Taival. In Finnish, Pole Pole... means Pedal Peda...l! and is apparently shouted at races. Taival means Journey, so MTB related at least
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    Best model name for a retro mtb?

    Hello! The D.O.G.S B.O.L.X.
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    For Sale Splitting - BOTM Tim Gould Schwinn (Mucho XTR) PRICE DROP

    There’s a bloke here in Sweden who’s dibbed the front mech, brakes, rear mech and chainset ’till payday, however I think that the front mech won’t fit his Klein. I’ve messaged him to check and get back to me. if the front mech isn’t for him, you’re 1st in line.
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    Wanted Suntour XC Stuff

    I have XC-Pro levers -
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    Wanted Ringle skewers Any Condition

    I have some in my For sale post
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    FanBoy Badges Vote Now

    Still learning - obviously:-)