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    Sold 1997 Marzocchi Bomber Z1 with new Retro Decals

    1997 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, 195mm 1 1/8 steerer. New decals from Retro Decals. I was going to change the seals remove the decals and fit the new ones but haven't had time, the paint isn't terrible but you may want to do a full refurb on them. Stanchions are unmarked. £110 Can post at buyers...
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    Sold Pace RC35 MXCD

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    Sold 94 Shimano Alivio Groupset Including Wheels

    1994 Alivio groupset, Alivio Parallax hubs on Weinmann 2421 rims A few slightly damaged teeth on the middle chainring but works fine, apart from that all in excellent condition. £85 Located near Aylesbury, can post.
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    Sold 1994 Purple GT Backwoods Frame 18"

    Purple 1994 GT Backwoods 18" frame. Some chips, worst bit is the drive side chainstay but on the whole good condition with all of the decals intact. £90 Located near Aylesbury, can post at buyers cost.
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    Sold Pace RC35 MXCD

    Pace RC35 MXCD in good condition with new rocker parts. 220mm, 1 1/8" steerer. Seals and stanchions are good, not checked the internals but appear to be fine. £130 , collection from near Aylesbury or can post at buyers cost.
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    Wanted AC Cranks and Chainring for GT STS DH

    Building a GT STS DH and need an AC crankset with AC chainring, preferably in the colours below.
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    Sold 1997 GT Talera Team Scream

    Reduced to £290
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    Sold 1997 GT Talera Team Scream

    Yes that's the one, It is in a bit of a state but salvageable. I've given it a test polish to see if the faded thermoplastic will come up which it does and the aluminium comes up easier than a ball burnished Zaskar. I threw some wheels and a saddle on it just to gauge the look, the forks are...
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    For Sale Purple 1994 GT Backwoods 18" Pace RC35 - Reduced

    Anyone interested before I break it down?
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    Sold 1997 GT Talera Team Scream

    16" 1997 GT Talera Reverse Team Scream I was planning on doing more to this but have just got hold of an STS DH frame in a state which will no doubt take up all my time and space so this and the Backwoods need to go. I couldn't pass on the Team Scream frame and forks when I saw it even though...
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    Wanted Spin Wheelset

    Spin wheels wanted for my 97 Zaskar LE. It's currently being used with a child carrier but I have most of the XTR groupset and lots of other original spec bits to go on once I've found a new hardtail to use with the seat. Always liked the look of Spin's on a ball burnished Zaskar.