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    For Sale Kona grips

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    SOLD. Pair of Stans ZTR 355 28 hole for V brake - brand new

    Hi tintin40. Did you manage to build these up at all? If they're spares for your box, would you be willing to part with one? I need a 28h Stans 355 v brake. Many thanks Nathan
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    NOS 28h Mavic X517 Rim

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    Mavic X517 Rims, Black, Tune, 28H

    Ah OK, great shame. Hope he's doing OK.
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    Mavic X517 Rims, Black, Tune, 28H

    A long shot, I know. Hopefully montyman67 can confirm. I'd PM, but I don't have enough posts yet to be able to send PMs
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    Middleburn gold 46/48t 5 arm 110 chainring wanted

    PMs still aren't enabled :facepalm: , so please email me at
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    Oldest mountain bike in UK?

    Interesting. Rayments did have a significant Specialized range, but I remember a small camping shop (possibly called "Euro Sport", long gone and now a drum shop)on North Road, Brighton, also having a range of mountain bikes, including Muddy Fox, hidden away upstairs. The YHA Shop on Queens...
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    Mavic X517 Rims, Black, Tune, 28H

    Re: Did these sell, or still available?
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    Middleburn gold 46/48t 5 arm 110 chainring wanted

    Re: Thanks Andy, I'm interested in the 46 t 110 in gold. I just passed 20 posts so please try and PM me and it should have enabled me to reply / email me at with photos and price. Best regards Nathan
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    420g or less rims - what are my options?

    I'm looking for ZTR 355 28h - you still got this?
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    Hope Gold quick release skewers good condition

    Hi - are these stainless steel, or titanium?
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    Rim Matchmaker... Wanted/Swap/Buy/Sell

    Thanks for a quick response! The rims i'm looking for are all sub 400g, replacing a stans ztr (lightweight wheel build), so that's what i'm after in all reality. Black preferable, but open to other colours.
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    Rim Matchmaker... Wanted/Swap/Buy/Sell

    Wanted- 1x 26" 28 hole rim brake rim, preferably NOS / really excellent condition, in order of preference (here's hoping!): - Stans ZTR 355 (26") 28 h - preferably the 'abt' machined break surface, but disc one could work - mavic x517 (26") 28h - Sun sub iv (26") 28h - Bontrager Valiant (26")...