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    Columbus SLX Time Trial frame

    Not my bike
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    Colnago carbitubo

    Not my bike. bidding seems competitive.
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    F. Moser complete bike.

    Not my bike.
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    Steve Goff Reynolds 631

    Not my bike. He has a few threads on retrobike so thought this was worth posting. Steve Goff Reynolds 631
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    Please help identify maker of "nickel" frame

    Morning dwscrimshaw. My own research kinda stopped after I posted this thread as i finished the build. Im pretty confident though from pictures online that my frame is a Technocrat that was built for export and badge locally but Ive yet to track down where exactly that was. There is a nickel...
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    Vitus dural frame.

    Spotted on Facebook marketplace. Not my frame. ... 709603853/
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    VITUS 979 DURAL Road Bike.

    Not my bike Old school aluminium ... 3785316093
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    Claude Butler with campagnolo parts.

    Interesting downtube. Not my bike.
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    Kinesis Shogun?

    Not my bike. ... 306883375/
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    Keith Coppell full bike.

    Not my bike.
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    Tecnotrat 'Nickel' Aelle Blu NI 71. Tricolour 600 Shimano

    A while back i posted a thread to help identify a frame I had bought. Through my own investigation I've came to a fairly sure conclusion that the frame was built by Tecnotrat in Italy for export to be badged at point of sale. One other nickel bike online bares a French bike shop sticker but the...
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    SOLD Campagnolo Gran Sport Headset.

    Re: Price was on the listing on eBay but I’m open to offers. Thanks.
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    SOLD Campagnolo Gran Sport Headset.

    This is my headset. I think its a gran sport? Willing to end auction early if someone wants it. Cheers, Jonny. ... 1555.l2649
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    Beon 531 pro remaillage sticker

    Re: Found out some info but it’s in french! Still in business And ... in-6224276
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    Beon 531 pro remaillage sticker

    Guys. This is currently on eBay near me and I’m wondering if it’s worth while. Can’t find any info online although I suspect it’s french maybe from the town of Cesson. Anybody know anything about the brand and what does the ‘remaillage’ mean on the 531 sticker. Does this mean it’s been repaired...