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    KHS Montana Pro

    Fair dos that is lovely, looks barely ridden at all! One of my dream bikes as a kid.. I remember mbuk regarded it rather highly.. It’s 21sp though, not 27!
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    Brodie Expresso 1995- Frame only - 17,5 - Germany

    That looks lovely, geometry looks rather Kona-esque..?
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    Wow! I'd sooner drag my feet to stop, or just jump off the bike!

    I think I’d rather just hit whatever I was heading towards than pay that!
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    Stumpjumper - Salcombe

    Yes but the front mech looked crap… only worth £45 in my opinion 😂
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    1990 Marin Palisades £120, Nr Colne, Lancs Looks pretty good, not mine
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    1990/91 palisades £25 BIN

    Looks to be a 1990, always liked the palisades
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    For Sale Totally original raleigh activator in as it left factory condition stunning not sure of value yet of unmolested unmarked pristine bike so puttin 500.

    500 notes??!! Holy f***! You could probably have bought 3 for that back in the day! It’s a lovely shiny example but I think it needs a little more effort on the description, something to appeal to the baggy booted hipster type, selling the retro chic perhaps?
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    Who keeps these things? CQP ,Bullseye, Tioga etc etc

    They’re rare because they’re mostly rusted into oblivion! Having been the child of parent owners of an allegro estate.. I’d rather spend the money on a pair of cranks than an allegro, Or maybe even something less useful.. but probably a holiday..!
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    Sold Deore XT v-brake m750

    I might have the same - one bikes worth - in the garage.. do you need anything in swaps, etc?
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    For Sale GT frame cull ! Last few left!

    Nice! Thanks, I’ll have a think and let you know.. already have a few frames hanging around myself!
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    For Sale GT frame cull ! Last few left!

    Hello! Is the 14.5” timberline a vee/canti frame or u-brake? Do you have a photo?
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    Sorted 25.0 to 27.0 USE seat post shim

    I didn’t but USE still sell them, cheap if you’re local to collect, around £11 inc postage if you’re not I think
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    For Sale Manners…

    They’re free! And available in all good character.. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when offering things for free - karma - gratis that any potential recipients of free items use such pleasantries as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ etc… for me, expressions such as ‘I’ll take it’, ‘that’ll do’...
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    Wanted Continental Race King 26 x 2.0 Super Sonic Or Race Sport

    Hi, just got it out and there’s some slight cracks to the sidewalls, nothing on it other than 2.0 raceking.. you can have for postage if you like