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    The Official Retrobike Fixed and S/S thread

    May not be very retro, but it's a lovely bike nonetheless. What gearing are you running? bm
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    Gaspipe ... question for French and Italian bike enthusiasts.

    Given that "gaspipe" is the dismissive, common English term for undistinguished, plain-gauge, steel tubing used for cheap, mass-production bike frames, what are the equivalent French and Italian terms? Enquiring minds and all that :) bm
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    Want a good laugh? Read Livestrong's 'History of Dura Ace 600'!

    Quite keen to get hold of a side-pull gear set though :) bm
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    Resto or retro - that is the question

    Yowzer, that is a beautiful bike. Love the paint finish and polished bits (shallow, me?) Interesting you make the comparison with golf though. My taste there is for minimalist sets and "classic" (ie, just old) clubs. Not so different from my taste in bikes :)
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    Wanted 531 Falcon frame

    Interesting. How much do you want for it and do you have any pics of the dings and the Reynolds sticker?
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    Wanted 531 Falcon frame

    I’m looking for a decent Reynolds 531 tubed Falcon frame (~21”) and forks to use as the basis of a restomod project. Age and cosmetic condition aren't all that important since it’ll be repainted and badged. That said, a cast head badge will get my financial gratitude, as will any reasonable...
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    Resto or retro - that is the question

    The more I think about it, the more I realise it has to be an old Falcon. And that will mean letting go of my need for immediate gratification :) Looks like I'll be trawling eBay and TradeMe (local eBay equivalent) for something good, though it's astonishing how little choice there is locally...
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    Resto or retro - that is the question

    Having recently rediscovered the delights of old-school road bikes (my gaspipe Falcon of undistinguished heritage, great weight and poor workmanship), I’m now thinking about something a bit plusher. I have a huge soft spot for Falcons, so by “a bit plusher” I just mean a better frame than my...
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    Downtube Friction shifters with ratchet mechanism for the drive side.

    Ready to be corrected, but as I understand it ratchet shifters are a half-way house between pure friction and indexed. Rather than a clear single position for each gear they have many detents or ridges (not sure what they're called) which allow lighter shifting but still positive engagement at a...
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    Retromod - Di2 on a classic steel road bike - advice/links to those that have please?

    Could you not just use a pair of the friction adjusters (604/1 in the image) as blanking covers? If you don't want to disassemble the shifters on the bike at the moment, you can probably get the parts fairly cheaply.
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    Modern wheelset for classic bike?

    Halo Retros ... Probably not very fancy, but affordable, functional and the look the part.
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    Morrison Monark 1970s - Full Restore?

    I guess that depends on where you are in the world. Here in NZ you see people asking nz$150 (£75) or so for them at the moment, but anything with two wheels is ridiculously over-valued right now. If you're in the UK, it may have some novelty value, but it is basically as gas-pipe frame with mid...
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    A Retro Road bike with that can keep up with the modern bikes - advice please ?

    I think Hamster is being a touch harsh on gravel bikes in general and 1x in particular. Geometry-wise gravel bikes are closer to a classic 72 parallel road bike than a 90s mountain bike. Though perhaps not a million miles from either. While the head and seat angles are similar to a 90s MTB, a...
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    A Retro Road bike with that can keep up with the modern bikes - advice please ?

    Depends how authentic you want the bike to be. You could try something new but classic like the Condor Classico (lugged steel, classic-style frame with modern components) or Light Blue St Johns (new but built to Eroica rules), both of which are reasonably light (10kg-ish). Oh and the tyre...
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    A question for Falcon Majorca owners please

    Based on this ... ... it looks like it uses a 26.8mm post.