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    Lightest factory MTB?

    The 90s Zaskar frames are actually very heavy. I had a 18" 96 Zaskar and it was over 1800g if I remember correctly. At the same time, a same-size, same-year Xizang was 1400g. The lightest listing I've seen has been 1997 Trek OCLV 9900 Pro Issue frame from 1997 with 1264g. Regarding Shimano...
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    1992 Team GT jersey, shorts & Leader Gara Pro helmet

    That was over 12 years ago... I wish I never sold this set! 😭
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    Halson Inversion suspension fork

    Pretty rare thing this one: Halson upside-down fork
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    1991 Cannondale SE-Omega

    Very nice result - congrats! :)
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    Thanks mate! Regarding decals, they're easy to obtain from Gil @ Retrodecals ( The headset is 1 1/4" 'Evolution' size so a bit more rare than the normal 1 1/8" 'Oversize'. However, you should be able to find suitable headsets for it without too much trouble.
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    Show us your Cannondale

    My 1992 M2000
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    show us your gt's

    1992 Bravado 1996 Xizang
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    Back to the bike, here are some recent photos with the Ritchey tyres on. Looks like it should be. M2000 - the top dog of Cannondale's fully rigid MTBs. Cannondale fought against the tide that was RapidFire+ for some years by speccing thumbies to its top bikes. It worked as long a the...
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    The unicorn bike paradox

    My unicorn was always, since 1993 and even during the university years when I didn't do that much biking, I wanted to have a Klein Adroit in that Storm paintjob that Tinker rode with. I used to read MBAction magazines with adverts and race stories featuring THAT bike. Fast forward to 2006 when I...
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    I hope not! I'm still 220km short of my road cycling goal so I hope I'll have at least a month or so before the first snow falls.
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    I live in Vantaa, ~20km north-east from Helsinki city centre. I've got two daughters, 13 & 11 - so I've become somewhat familiar with the current education system ;)
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    Yeah, and this hideous thing was installed by the bike shop as new. The mechanic (prob. summer trainee or something) had torqued it so tight that one of the mounting bolts had twisted... 🤯
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    Yeah, the decals are under clear coat on this one. I was thinking of getting a decal from Gil and then cutting the needed section of O for it, but let's see. Best of luck for the commute - I'm working from home today so it's nice & warm ;)
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    I also swapped the original Tioga Bio-Grip II grips that had become tacky (as they do when the surface starts to wear) for a newer pair in better condition. Those Ritchey brake levers are essentially Dia-Compe SS-7s with a different blade. I've got the SS-7s on my Yo Eddy and I was surprised to...
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    1992 Cannondale M2000 time capsule

    Had to do some patching up - the worst scars were where the kickstand had been mounted. That f*cking kickstand had been mounted too tight and it had unfortunately caused a slight dent to the seat stay as can be seen from the photo. :(