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    Yo eddy consolidation thread??

    A few of my 94 Yo for this thread.
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    PotM - December - Jingle Bells

    I'm surprised a snowflake laced front wheel hasn't made it in yet ;)
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    Does bike weight really matter?

    Of course weight matters. A lighter retrobike is so much easier to hang on the wall and take down for dusting :wink:
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    Pushies Galore Brizzy : Show and Shine [incl MTB]

    Looks pretty interesting. Unfortunately a little far for me to bring a bike too.
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    1957 Mountain Biking Video (from New Zealand)

    Or this morning in the UK :wink:
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    SSWC 2013 - Italy

    I haven't been checking this thread at all and didn't see your post. Maybe its just me but a month in Italy with the single speed seems a little more appealing than a month in the UK with the single speed so I'm going there instead ;) Maybe I should check the Retrorides calendar and see if its...
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    Single speed wheels - 120mm rear spacing for my Humu

    120mm hubs are pretty common, just buy a new one and build into a wheel
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    Bike shipping to/from Australia

    Not quite sure where the disintegrating boxes story came from but I have received a few soggy empty envelopes which previously contained small bike parts.
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    WTF is this Fillet Brazed Tange Prestige Gumtree special?

    Re: WTF is this Fillet Brazed Tange Prestige Gumtree special ORT would have all the cables on the top tube and a seperate Hite-Rite mount, but it does look pretty similar.
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    What percentage of your bikes work?

    At what point does a frame and pile of parts become a bike though?? :wink:
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    Bike shipping to/from Australia

    If its full suspension get the rear end unbolted and packed into the dead space of the box. I've had a number of FS frames sent from the states for the $70-90 mark. There are several online calculators you can use to get a good idea of cost if you work with a few dimensions, and you can help...
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    SSWC 2013 - Italy

    Sounds like the perfect road trip from the UK - Maybe I should fly into the UK and do a road trip from there...
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    SSWC 2013 - Italy

    Ladies and Gents, Is anyone here heading to Italy in early September for SSWC 2013? I’m looking at getting to this one and it would be great to have a beer or three with a few Retrobikers while I’m there. If you are coming what are you going to race?? Andrew
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    Do Pace extruder grooves actually work?

    In my experience the grooves don't do anything noticable other than make the rings harder to clean...
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    fork service in melbourne?

    What type of fork??