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    Mountain Cycles MOHO STS

    Hello, sorry for the delay in answering, but YES, the bike is still available Greetings Adriano
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    BotM, November 2020 nominations thread DIRT DROPS SPECIAL

    this is my merlin built 10 years ago, it is not mounted esoteric like the other merlin, but it is still a merlin, snow and beach adri.75's 1993 merlin monstercross viewtopic.php?t=116152&highlight=merlin+monstercros%20url
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    Potm revival thread nov 2020

    the room to relax
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    Mountain Cycles MOHO STS

    Hi, I would prefer to sell the complete bike, but if I have a concrete offer I can evaluate it and decide to sell just the frame. complete bike price negotiable :D regards Adriano
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    frame Colnago master aluminium

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    Mountain Cycles MOHO STS

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    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    Re: Re: Thanks! it took me some time to find everything......
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    BotM October 2020 - Nominations thread

    Hello guys, this month I add one of my bikes just finished 8) adri.75’s 1992 YETI ULTIMATE Build thread here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=400862 ciao ciao
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    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    other photos
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    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    here are some photos
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    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    Hello guys i finally think i finished my yeti 8) the neon yellow answer handlebar has arrived, this is the updated parts list Frame: YETI ULTIMATE serial Fork: answer accutrax Headset: Onza Mongo II Stem: answer Atac Handlebar: answer Taperlite Grips: Tioga Barends:/ Brakes:Grafton SC...
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    Monolith Rebound Pix

    Re: Monolith beautiful, I've always dreamed of it! :D
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    Mountain Cycles MOHO STS

    hello guys, to make some space in the garage I am selling my Mountain cycles moho sts, one of the first (it does not have the reinforcement in the area of the headset / down tube ). I sell the complete bike as in the picture, complete shimano deore xt group, control tech seatpost, tioga psyco...
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    spider for TNT cranks

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    is it a bianchi Columbus genius NTH frame? Help identify

    I think it is an original BIANCHI NTH, but not the Genius model, an inferior model with a cheaper steel.