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    Hetchins advice/help

    Are you sure this is a 1950's frame? It looks like its got braze on gear levers and the rear mech cable goes under the bottom bracket. This tends to be a clue to a newer bike than that. Also, the campag. drop outs, whilst they existed in the 50s, were not very common until much later. Some...
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    Joe Waugh with Mudguard eyelets?

    Most Joe Waugh (or M Steele) frames were custom made so you could specify anything you wanted. I know a few people who had winter frames built with a bit more clearance and mudguard eyes back in the day. Although this was a luxury out of reach for most of us young club riders, we just made do...
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    Campagnolo Super Record chainring 42t/144BCD PISTA

    Re: As far as I know they were identical, although the Pista ones came in both 3/32 and 1/8 width. 42 teeth were not used all that often on the track because nobody used 12 tooth sprockets and 42x13 was only an 87 inch gear in old money. So if you are looking for 144 pitch chainrings in 42...
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    Do you think this is a Raleigh frame? Its been resprayed..

    The oversized seat stay caps were on slightly older frames of the Ti Team era. By the late 80s they had disappeared
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    Do you think this is a Raleigh frame? Its been resprayed..

    Its almost definitely a Raleigh. The better frames of the late 80s/ early 90s had Gipiemme drop outs, the seat cluster fits as does the chain hook on the right side seat stay and the fork crown. Looks like the 531c model as the 531 Lux and the 653 ones has a Cinelli bottom bracket shell.
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    Help me restore this 1960s Roberts Track bike correctly

    Re: Track bikes in that era where rarely bought "off the peg". People tended to get them built. The colour was therefore up to the individual. Also, nobody bought a full track bike, you bought the frame and then fitted your own parts. Nearly everybody used large flange Campagnolo Record...
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    Reynolds 653

    They cracked on the inside, just behind the bridge. My 531 SL Holdsworth Professional broke in the same place so it might have been my riding style or "awesome power" that did it! I weighted under 12 stone in those days so I wasn't a heavy rider.
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    Reynolds 653

    Re: Its interesting that the rear triangle is supposed to be super strong. Both chain-stays cracked on my 653 Raleigh. I had the one with the faded pastel colours. Raleigh replaced them and my frame came back painted a random purple colour. I cracked the chain-stays again about a year later...
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    Bianchi frame cracking

    I'm not sure what aluminium Bianchi used but they all seem to crack, particularly on the seat tube. Aluminium frames from that era were light and stiff but honestly not as good to ride as steel or more modern carbon. As others have said, time to say goodbye!
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    1989 Trek 5000?

    I would urge caution in looking for a carbon Trek frame of that age to ride regularly. I'm not one of these people who say carbon has a finite life, steel is real etc. The carbon itself will be fine but those frames suffered from a corrosive reaction between the carbon and the aluminium parts...
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    1987 Raleigh 653 race

    Re: I had the pastel colour one from about 1989 and it cracked across both chain-stays too. Raleigh repaired it and it cracked again a year later. Not sure if the problem was the 653 tubing or the way Raleigh put them together but I moved on to aluminium then carbon frames from then on (until...
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    Bob Addy bike (Possibly Holdsworth Super Mistral?)

    Re: I had never heard of a Portacatena before so I've just looked it up on Classic Lightweights. Clever little idea but I can see why it never really took off - quite a lot of work to save a few seconds on a wheelchange.
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    Colnago Super 1981 rebuild

    Great looking bike. Whilst nuovo or super record is essential if you want the Freddy Maertens look, the equipment you have is period correct for what most people in Britain were racing on in the 80s unless you were a pro or were rich! A lot of people used track pedals back in the 80s as they...
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    There's a race on the velodrome called devil take the hindmost. Last over the line every lap is eliminated. At most track meetings there used to be eliminations until there was 3 left and they sprinted it out. There was only money for the first 3. So getting 4th means going the whole...
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    Raleigh Banana lo-pro re-pro

    Wow Mercs600 where you in the Panasonic Team managed by Peter Post? If so you must be hard as nails!