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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:35 pm 
Old School Grand Master
Old School Grand Master
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I tell you what is a in Wales it would have to be presented in Welsh too! Goodness knows how much money is wasted by the Welsh trying to preserve their hobby language.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:31 pm 
Old School Grand Master
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Ooh, that is a hot potato Harry!

Up here they have forced all signs to have Gaelic on them. In principle fine but why make it the first word on every sign? You have to read down for the English underneath. Crazy, especially in areas Gaelic was never the native tongue and the villages have never had a Gaelic name until it came to signing them!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:39 pm 
retrobike rider
retrobike rider
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If its translated into Welsh, does that mean Wales is abroad?!?!?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:46 pm 
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Big mammals

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:40 pm 

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I worked in Belgium for a year and the job came to an end. When I went to their DSS equivalent they told me to piss off home to Blighty. So I did.

My friend works at Carlisle DSS and a few years ago they were told to give immigrants anything they want. :? It seems that the governments of the past few years are trying to bring this country down to the lower echelons of the poorest parts of Europe. Like it's all been planned... :?

Before anyone starts the racist card I've travelled and worked all over the world and always respected the laws of whatever land I've been in and paid their taxes. I have Czech friends in this country (who want to go back home incidentally because they find that GB is becoming more racist) and some of their co-workers are working for a multimillion pound electronics industry and are the holder of three passports. They literally joke about what nationality they will be today in their office.

When I was in Belgium I visited an old disused army barracks that had been converted to house immigrants from all over the world. I went there to learn Flemish. There was a constant stream of families from all over the planet heading to this base. They were supposed to be housed at the base and not allowed out, but they wandered outside and were picked up by a transit van and dropped off at the local fruit farm to pick produce all day for less than minimum wage. Some of them were genuine cases whom had escaped from war torn counties and needed help. As far as I was concerned 90% of them were ex-convicts and someone you wouldn't want your sister to date. One of them offered to sell me a rocket launcher :shock:

They used Belgium as a base to provide them with a rest as they were all heading to the UK. Every person I spoke to were heading to these shores. The country was so overwhelmed with foreigners that they even had adverts on TV stating that immigrants to their country (Belgium) were good for their economy. For those in the know, Belgium is basically bankrupt and supported by the countries surrounding it. :roll:

I myself have worked for agencies in Blighty, whom were happy with my work, but have "let me go" (as they say) on the Friday, and employed two immigrants to do my job at half the price on the following Monday.

When I lived in Newcastle in the early 90's I was walking by the docks on the way to college one morning and a luton van pulled up and the back door rolled up and about twenty dark skinned males in their early 20's, carrying rucksacks, scattered into the mist. You can't blame Labour for being so lenient on immigration in this country (although they were) as Thatcher was the first to administer cut-backs to the borders in the 80's.

There is an agency on the Wirral whom will only employ Polish or foreign workers. What does that say? When I visited them they wouldn't even accept my CV.

I have worked with immigrants. Some are good workers and some are bad. I have worked with British people. Some good, some bad.

All I know is that I've done everything possible to get a job and can't get sh!t.

My tuppence worth. :wink:

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:04 pm 
Retro Guru

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Harryburgundy wrote:
I tell you what is a in Wales it would have to be presented in Welsh too! Goodness knows how much money is wasted by the Welsh trying to preserve their hobby language.

Apologies for dragging the thread further O/T, but:

When I first moved to N Wales from the home counties about 10 years ago, I had trouble finding a decent job, as so many office posts required a welsh speaker. It irritated me immensely that most of the welsh I heard spoken in public was basically just a mash-up of english and primary-school welsh which was one step away from being just another english dialect, and yet they were treating it as a seperate language...

Then, after living here for a few years I realised that while most of the chavvy youths and barflys had a very loose concept of language, there were still plenty of people who actually spoke 'proper' welsh, because either a) they'd lived up in the mountains all their lives, and genuinely couldn't speak much english at all as they'd never ever needed to use it, or b) realised the worth in having an actual culture to call their own, and hanging on to it for as long as they could.

English people have no real culture: nearly every part of our history is based on an empire that borrowed its identity from all the nations it owned, and even the language is just a bastardised combination of various european tongues. We spent half the first millenium AD speaking french ffs. Therefore, we absolutely hate it when a group of people takes pride in a genuinely historical culture, even if it involves a language which is far more 'British' than english.

I still haven't officially learnt welsh, by the way, because for every decent & encouraging native, there's 2 or 3 who'll laugh at you for getting it slightly wrong, and anyway I can understand the 'wenglish' that most speak, and I cba tbh lol oops, different language again. Also, for all the visitors who felt aggrieved that when they entered a shop/pub, everyone "started talking in welsh cos they came in", chances are they already were. Honestly. It wasn't you, really.

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