Creaky Bike Story
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Author:  fatandforty [ Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Creaky Bike Story

OK when you get to the end you may say well that was obvious but to those like me it may end up being some help.

I put some new tyres and a Brooks saddle on my La Pierre Sand and took it on a rough and very wet and muddy offroad trek to work a few weeks ago and afterwards it started creaking to the point where I couldn't ride it anymore, after ten minutes my nerves were wrecked and after an hour I was ready to throw it in the hedge and walk.

The last two days have been spent in the quest to rid myself of the irksome noise. The problem was the creak wasn't an obvious creak when you did anything, it seemed to be when I was putting power down but not all the time?

Started in the obvious areas stripped out the cranks and BB. Clean and refit with new Copper grease but it still creaks.

Every time I test ride it I just can't put my finger on where it's coming from, so on to the headset area strip and re grease- no change.

Clutching at straws I apply chain lube to the spoke crossovers and hub but nothing changes.

Maybe it's the fork internals after all they are fairly low end Suntour. I just can't see it and try a little internet advice and come up with the chain ring bolts so they all get removed lubed and retightened.

Another ride up the lane still no joy and I still can't quite get where the noise is coming from, sort of front end but maybe not and definitely not the rear. What can it be?? Must be the forks going to have so spend more time on the bloody thing, getting to the end of my tether now.

I just can't understand why it started...........penny starts to drop..........after I fitted the new ........saddle!!!! A Brooks Flyer with springs!! Could it be, surely not..............worth a try though. Back to the shed a liberal dose of chainlube on the springs, mounts and bolts another ride up the lane. EUREKA it's gone it was the bloody saddle all along.

Anyway all's well that's ends well as it got a pretty decent service out of which was probably well over due.

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