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1989 SkyRunner
1991 SkyRunner
Koga ad showing '92 SkyRunner

Top end mountainbike from Koga-Miyata. Introduced in 1989. The SkyRunner was aimed at racing. Exotic materials and constructions were first introduced on the SkyRunner before finding their way to other models, like the TrailRunner and TerraRunner.

1989: the aluminium SkyRunner

The 1st year for the SkyRunner. It was introduced as welded aluminum 7000 offering in a line up of lugged steel mountainbikes.

XTII equipment.

1990-1991: the 1st generation SkyRunner Carbolite

The 1990 SkyRunner was the 1st Carbolite (carbon composite) MTB for Koga. Three tubes carbon in main triangle, aluminum stays and cast aluminum lugs. Most connections were made using Miyata's Aluminum Pressurized Adhesive (APA) bonding method, but there was also bolting and welding: the seatstays were bolted to dropouts and seatlug and the brake bridge and canti bosses were welded to the seatstays. Beautifully sculptured frame with a monumental appearance. This early carbon frame can be considered overbuilt and hence very durable.

For '91 Miyata went back to the drawing table. Result were some modifications: tapered stays and slimmer dropouts. Reworked, slimmer bracketlug with intergrated chainsuckteeth. The frame was now ready for a 1.125" headset and 73mm bracket, instead of 1" and 68mm. Rear spacing went up from 130 to 135mm. The gear cables were moved to the toptube. Seatstay bridge and brakebosses were bolted to the tail instead of welded. A fitting for Miyata CO2 cartridges was added.

XTR m900 was not yet introduced, so both SkyRunners came with Shimano's topgroup XTII. Tange supplied the Switchblades for the 1990 SkyRunner. The 91MY got Koga's own BigChamp. Like many early 90s Kogas also the SkyRunners came with a lot Syncros parts.

Koga's 1990 SkyRunner Carbolite reviewed in Sportrad

1992-1993: the 2nd generation SkyRunner Carbolite

For the 92MY there was a totally new carbon composite frame. The 2nd gen frame came with Delta Force Monostay with neatly integrated cable stop for cantilever brake, guide for gear cable and pump peg. The lugs were slimmed down to save weight and the toptube runs more slooping. The 2nd gen tail with its Cobra Chainstays allows for use of wider tyres, up to 2.5 inch. The chainstays connect lower to the bottom bracket to move them away from the chain and reduce chain slap. The tubing for the rear triangle was carbon too now. Fitting for CO2 cartridges present.

Miyata's light and very durable FatMax Aluminum fork complemented the fine SkyRunner frames.

Brief specs: XTR m900 and a generous amount of Syncros kit.