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The Bike of The Month (abbreviated BoTM) contest is run on calendar month basis on Nominations are taken during the first three weeks of the month, the poll is normally opened with around ten days remaining in the month.

A complete list of winners since the contest began follows.

Date Poll Type Winner Front Page Poll Thread Nomination Thread
January 2015 Underdog special FatMikeyNYC's 1983 Fat Chance #138 poll nomination
December 2014 Normal ridevintagemtb's 1990 Yeti FRO. Ex Juli Furtado poll nomination
April 2014 Normal Giom6′s Dave Yates Vulcan E-stay front poll nomination
March 2014 Normal Halaburt's 1983 Steve Potts Brazed MTB front poll nomination
February 2014 Special Edition huelse’s Ibis 1989 SS Kogler special edition front poll nomination
January 2014 Normal wadsy’s 1993 Diamondback Axis Team Titanium front poll nomination
December 2013 Normal CCMDoc's 1989 Merlin/Mongoose John Tomac Signature front poll nomination
November 2013 Normal girlonbike's 1990 Fat City Team Comp front poll nomination
October 2013 Halloween Special Halaburt’s 1996 WTB Steel Phoenix front poll nomination
September 2013 Normal Sebastian’s 1991 MERLIN Titanium front poll nomination
August 2013 Normal Sebastian’s 1995 GLEISS MTB Monobox front poll nomination
July 2013 Muddy Fox vs Orange vs Saracen Special nevadasmith’s 1989 Orange Formula front poll nomination
June 2013 Normal huelse's 1988 Ibis Custom front poll nomination
May 2013 Kona vs GT vs Specialized Special Ridevintagemtb’s (formerly ameybrook) 1994 Kona Lava Dome front poll nomination
April 2013 Normal rumpfy’s Yeti C-26 front poll nomination
March 2013 Normal Ductape’s 1981 Ritchey “Big Red” front poll nomination
February 2013 Restoration Special stanlee’s Koski Trailmaster front poll nomination
January 2013 Normal pete_mcc’s Roberts White Spider front poll nomination
December 2012 Fat vs Klein vs Yeti Special ameybrook’s 1991 Yeti Cycles Ultimate front poll nomination
November 2012 Normal SYN-CROSSIS’ Fat Chance Titanium front poll nomination
October 2012 Red Special uno-speedo’s 1987 Steve Potts front poll nomination
September 2012 Normal Uno-speedo’s Formula 1 Cycles front poll nomination
August 2012 British Sepcial Sinnnerman’s Hardisty JMC Replica front poll nomination
July 2012 Normal wtb_rider’s Brodie Catalyst front poll nomination
June 2012 Dead End Special Stumpjumper1990's 1990 Laïti front poll nomination
May 2012 Normal Wadsy’s Dave Lloyd Beez Neez front poll nomination
April 2012 ShimaNO Special Huelse's 1989 Ibis SS Kolger edition front poll nomination
March 2012 Normal Oneschnark's Salsa front poll nomination
February 2012 Aluminium / Aluminum Special Baulz’s 1992 Mountain Cycle San Andreas front poll nomination
January 2012 Normal Bushpig's Gecko Y-File front poll nomination
December 2011 Normal hollister’s Ritchey Team Comp front poll nomination
November 2011 Made In Taiwan Special makster’s 1987 Jamis Dakota Competition front poll nomination
October 2011 Normal ameybrook’s 1994-5 Yeti ARC front poll nomination
September 2011 Neon Special pete_mcc’s Klein Attitude Graffiti front poll nomination
August 2011 Normal FMJ’s 1995 Brodie Sovereign
spesh’s 1987 Muddy Fox Courier
front poll nomination
July 2011 Euro Special Sinnerman's Zinn Z-753 front poll nomination
June 2011 Normal chowi's 1992 Gilles Berthoud
JustKev's Yeti C-26
front poll nomination
May 2011 Made In Canada 'eh Special Woody’s 1991 Rocky Mountain Blizzard front poll nomination
April 2011 Normal mr_ship's 1994 Yeti ARC front poll nomination
March 2011 Born in The USA Special Bushpig’s 1981/2 Cunningham Indian front poll nomination
Febraury 2011 Normal Sinnerman's Dave Lloyd front poll nomination
January 2011 Pre '90 Special Crantinope's Kona Explosif front poll nomination
December 2010 Normal Rojo's Kona Sex One front poll nomiation
November 2010 Carbon Special Brad’s Specialized Epic Ultimate front poll nomination
October 2010 Normal Wtb_Rider's Funk Pro Comp front poll nomination
September 2010 Trilogy Special Shamus’ Klein Trilogy front poll nomination
August 2010 Normal Raucherkette's 1993 Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer front poll nomination
July 2010 Riders Special LeGrandeFromage’s 1989 Overbury’s Pioneer front poll nomination
June 2010 Normal Stefan9113's Boulder Defiant ti front poll nomination
May 2010 Anodized Special Nutallabrot's Manitou FS front poll nomination
April 2010 Normal Sinnet177's 1991 Alpinestars Ti-Mega EOS front poll nomination
March 2010 Downhill Special Jerky's Pace RC500 F1 front poll nomination
February 2010 Normal Oneschnark's Ibis SS front poll nomination
January 2010 Saracen Special Heathy's 1989 Saracen Kili Flyer front poll nomination
December 2009 Normal Bushpig's Mantis X Frame front poll nomination
November 2009 Mid Range Special 24pouces’ 1988 Cannondale SM600 front poll nomination
October 2009 Normal Oneschnark’s Grove Innovation Titanium front poll nomination
September 2009 Normal Defiant’s Serotta TiMax
Ragnar1984’s Miyata Century
front poll nomination
August 2009 Full Suspension Special Pete McC’s Doug Bradbury Manitou Full Suspension front poll nomination
July 2009 Normal Pete McC’s Yeti Ultimate front poll nomination
June 2009 Team Special sinnett177's 1993 Team Raleigh Dyna-Tech front poll nomination
May 2009 Normal Archangel’s 1991 Specialized Stumpjumper Epic Ultimate front poll
April 2009 Leftfield Special Gary Turner’s GT STS front
March 2009 Normal Dr S’ Pace RC-100 front
February 2009 E-stay Special Hairstream’s Yeti Ultimate front
January 2009 Normal ameybrook’s Yeti C-26 front
December 2008 Normal kingroon’s Fat Chance Shock A Billy front
November 2008 Normal Tomahawk Kid’s GT Zaskar LE front
October 2008 Normal ocset’s Dave Lloyd 1991 front
September 2008 Normal Defiant's Serotta ATX front
August 2008 Normal Dr S’ Fat Chance Shock-a-Billy front
July 2008 Normal John’s Fat Chance Yo Eddy front
June 2008 Normal Gump’s Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer front
May 2008 Normal Retroking#1′s GT Quatrefoil front
April 2008 Normal Skide’s Funk Ti front
February 2008 Normal Albatros’ 1995 Emery Primo front
January 2008 Kona Special Kase’s Kona Hot front
December 2007 Normal 24pouces Cannondale
MadCowKev’s Roberts D.O.G.S.B.O.L.X
November 2007 Normal Skides Yeti Ultimate front
October 2007 Normal Jez-2-Many-Bikes' Salsa A La Carte front
September 2007 Normal Brusque's Klein Adroit front
August 2007 Normal Rumpfy's 1992 Raleigh John Tomac Signature poll
July 2007 Normal John's Overburys Pathfinder front
June 2007 Normal Ameybrook's Wicked Fat Chance front
May 2007 Normal SLIM's Yeti PRO FRO front
April 2007 Normal RichieB’s Rock Lobster front
April 2007 Penny Pincher Special GradeAFailures Explosif front
March 2007 Normal Elev12k's Serotta T-Max
Rich's Pink Pace RC-100
February 2007 Normal Carsten’s Klein Pulse Storm front
January 2007 Normal felixdelrio’s Boulder Gazelle front
December 2006 Normal oldsteel’s 1990 IRD CircuitRacer front
November 2006 Normal Jez-2-Many-Bikes' Trimble front
October 2006 Normal Elev12K’s Verlicchi DH front
September 2006 Normal Monster’s Fat Chance 10th Anniversary front
August 2006 Normal Rody’s Grove Innovations Hardcore front
July 2006 Normal retrobikeguy’s Kestrel MXZ
Retroking #1′s Breezer Storm
June 2006 Normal Retroking #'1s Zinn front
May 2006 Normal escapegoat’s Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer front
April 2006 Normal Biglev’s 1988 Klein Pinnacle front poll
March 2006 Normal Pete McC’s Fat Chance Titanium front
February 2006 Normal Steve’s 1993 Orange Vitamin T front
January 2006 Normal Repack Rider’s 1983 Ritchey Everest front
December 2005 Normal Sylvain’s ibis ti front
November 2005 Normal retrobikeguy’s Pace RC-100 front
October 2005 Normal Sc**t's YETI FRO front
Aug-Sep 2005 Normal Fisherman’s Kona Hei Hei front
July 2005 Normal Jez-2-May-Bikes' Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer front

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