BoTM Rules

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First off BoTM is a bit of fun! Don't get too serious  :D

  1. Ensure your nomination is structured as follows
    1. username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. John's 1990 Kona Fire Mountain
    2. Image(s)
    3. Finally please include a link to your machine in the relevant Reader's Bikes section. If you don't have an existing post now is the time to add one with as much detail as you like!
  2. Please enter your bicycle in the correct BoTM, i.e. no mtbs in rBoTM and vice versa.
  3. Keep all comments and criticism constructive, avoid personal attacks.
  4. It is strongly suggested all bikes are placed in the reader's bikes section prior to entry into BoTM. In this way a bike can under go a more gentle critique prior to the spotlight and interest of BoTM. More detail and extra pictures can be added here.
  5. If you aren't prepared that your bike undergo criticism as part of BoTM don't enter it. We have many 1000s of views on this thread in a month - make sure both you and your bike are ready!
  6. Don't register 15 extra users to vote for your own bike and for trolling purposes. This will result in a ban from retrobike.
  7. Bike must be complete.
  8. Bike must be currently owned by site member / nominee. If the bike is sold prior to or during the contest it will become ineligible.
  9. Bike's which are currently advertised for sale are not eligible.
  10. If you nominate another user's bike please ensure you contact them first to ensure they wish it to be entered and that the bike is eligible.
  11. Two pictures per bike only.
  12. One bike per user per month - don't be greedy.
  13. Judges decision is final.
  14. If a bike wins BoTM it cannot be re-entered in any poll by the same owner. If it is sold any re-entry is strictly at the judges discretion.
  15. Each bike can be entered into two BoTM polls as follows
    1. BoTM and rBoTM - bikes can only be entered once in a normal month and once in a special month. That is you can enter any bike TWICE (unless it wins in which case it cannot be entered again).
    2. 98+ BoTM - bikes can be entered twice into any poll - unless it wins in which case it cannot be entered again.
  16. Don't take it too seriously
  17. Please ensure the frame (and ideally components) is vintage/retro/classic (certain special month excepted).
  18. All polls run for one week.
  19. All polls to commence on the first week of the following month.