Y2K Specialized Stumpjumper M2 Gulf blue - chicks dig (battle) scars edition ;)

Thanks, If I remove the unecessary bits and add a carbon bar a sub 20lb 18 inch framed bike is possible, or I could just eat less. :)

Good luck with the build, looking forward to seeing it finished.
Battle-scarred bargains ftw 👍 Picked up these SX Carbons listed as spares or repair.
Cosmetically they are very rough and they do have some stanchion wear (so much for the grease ports) 😬 but they appear structurally sound, they compress and rebound without issue and the internals look to be in good condition 🤞



I'm guessing I'll need to seal the raw carbon before breaking out the retouch paint . . . but that's a project for another day 🖌️

Carbon arch is easily the best bit - just a few nicks. The mag lowers have fared less well with lots of paint bubbling and corrosion and the decals are shot.

I should probably completely strip and respray with new stickers but that would be too easy . . . let's go 🖌️

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