Velo Cosmos at Santa Cruz


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Fortuitously, this past weekend I was able to pop into the Velo Cosmos event at the Santa Cruz Cycles headquarters at the old Wrigley building in Santa Cruz. As circumstances would have it, I was purchasing an old (1998?) Heckler for my son, and the seller mentioned the event to me. On the showroom floor was quite the collection, many of which were transported down from the Mountain Bike Museum in Fairfax. There was a lot to love here, and I didn't take pictures of close to half of it. My fave was the Tazmon, an original, essentially unridden beauty owned by Rich Hatfield....first ever Mag 21 SLs I've seen that hadn't been eaten by the notorious oxidation cancer of the magnesium legs beneath the tinted clear coat. But I have to say the Sunn Chipie was also mesmerizing. Enjoy the photos.....

IMG_20240414_114020_848.jpg IMG_20240414_114026_162.jpg IMG_20240414_114058_477.jpg IMG_20240414_114031_998.jpg IMG_20240414_114140_427.jpg
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Sunn Chipie! I've not seen one of those in years!
The Ibis is also pretty groovy 🤩

Looks like a great event
It is a blessing and a curse to be in this area of California: too damned expensive but there's good trails and mtb history here.

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