Sorted U brake, (or just the dust covers for Shimano Deore/XT)


Retro Guru
Probably a Shimano Deore or XT, but others considered. Good mechanical condition pls.
I do have a Deore version but its lacking the dust covers, so if anyone has those, or an incomplete one....
Aha! Nice! As I'm building a bike to give to a friend for free I'm trying to keep the cost down.

At the moment my options are putting in a metal washer with decent grease, trying to buy a rubber or plastic seal to fit, or asking a friend to 3D print something.

Or buying a XLC U-brake for very little, though I'd rather "save" the part!

Thanks for your answer.
No probs. Yeah my normal inclination would have been to (try to!) make something but this was for a bike off on a 12-18month trip so figured it was worth making it as maintenance free as possible. Good luck!