For Sale Tyres for sale reduced!!! Very cheap. Wtb, tioga. 1 1/4 forks steel.


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Wtb amberwall velorapter 44/50 tyres, 2 fromt tyres in good condition, still plenty of tread, plus Ritchey amberwall tyres £20posted for all 3

Schwalbe marathon plus tyres 26x 1.75. Pair in good condition £20 posted

1 1/4 steel forks. Steer tube length is 132mm, 40 of the 132mm is threaded. Forks in good condition, very minute indentation to fork pictured, very hard to notice, and not very visible, just thought I would specify. £15 posted. 839590E7-D979-4DF1-ABB1-242E1B98337B.jpeg C3090CF3-7FB1-4813-BF69-6329BFFB2D60.jpeg B1649970-57A7-4CAA-A1D5-F0CF9FA79BA3.jpeg

Uk posting only.

Payment via PayPal thanks C9D142FF-1415-465B-856E-E47E3D8C675E.jpeg 89BD67F2-8B81-424A-A6DB-7E7CC6ECE048.jpeg CD7F7CB7-F7E6-4DE3-B063-78DEB371CFB8.jpeg 31EE21BF-8F96-4BAA-8CDC-E59A8C80DDA7.jpeg 0072C930-0D93-4914-A90B-EF8ABEC11EE2.jpeg 37F748CC-DB11-4917-888A-BFBCAE7A7E0E.jpeg
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