Silverfish 1992 Mountain Cycle San Andreas

I was in direct contact. But just needed the spacers and special top out springs. I had some original elastomer in great shape and had some o-rings.
I also sent him my measurement of the original wiper seals. He is currently also looking if he can find some matching wipers.
The parts are not cheap but there is also work, time and handling involved. He probably won't sell many of them. So I,'m more than happy that he took the work to get some forks, as close as possible to original, running again.
Just sent him a pm. He usually reacts within a few hours.

PS: The o-ring under the spring is 35x3.5mm
Nice. I'm following this one closely.

This is mine after getting it from @My_Teenage_Self just under a year ago and giving it a full strip down and restoration.
Thats a nice one from the 94/95 change. A early 95 version (identified by the subframe and non hex cable guides on the swingarm). But it has previous 94 repro stickers on it.
The elastomer AfterShock was most likely retro fitted. I'm pretty sure it was delivered originally with a Noleen NR3-PB or NR3
The rear disc is the older hole design. The Suspenders is a last revision, late 94 System 3 with a disc that was also only made in late 94 and early 95 for a short period of time.