Saracen Max Shock Team Forks..


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Hola Amigos..

A mate of mine is keen to put his 1994 Saracen back on the Trails, but has a collapsed Suspension Fork..

Hoping that someone on here can point me in the direction of a new set of Elastomers..?


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Are they rebadged Tange Struts? There's a guy on ebay selling elastomers for a range of forks. Worth trying him. I used his elastomers in my Halson forks and they seem pretty good.
Fantastic, that's Great news.. Thanks @johndeverill , I'll be in touch when my mate has stripped them down.. 👍
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Hi, yes I can help. If you strip them down and take a few measurements I'll be able to fab something to fit. Cheers

Okay, the time has come to get some Elastomers..

Do you have an Email address I can pass on to him..?