Swap RM Hammer early to mid 1990's


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Looking for a '95 hammer ideally, if anyone can oblige. I'd look at any hammer frameset. I have this '94 in exchange. Frame is 18.5"
let's talk swaps!

IMG_20240403_151951.jpg IMG_20240403_152026.jpg IMG_20240403_152040.jpg IMG_20240403_152056.jpg IMG_20240403_152118.jpg IMG_20240403_152125.jpg IMG_20240403_152433.jpg IMG_20240403_152541.jpg IMG_20240403_152824.jpg IMG_20240403_131630.jpg
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Round canti bosses Vs square and no ritchey logic tubing branding mainly. Oh, and the colour.

I already own a '95 in 17.5" I need an 18.5"

My 18.5" '94 is the better condition frame and therefore the clear top choice to swap

I could sort all of these issues, I'd prefer a ready made solution ideally and hopefully somebody would prefer this 1994 example.
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