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Hi all.

I treated myself to a pair of retro-styled Arturos last year, since I don't like cleats and ride wide MTB flats with spikes, even on my road bikes.

Found the shoes very comfortable & great for commuting to work - they look formal enough so I don't need to change them, and leather offers unrivalled air circulation and short & easy drying if I get them soaked.
The only issue for me was the sole: too hard & slippery for the spikes to bite in properly, until they were very well broken in.

After a few thousand miles, the soles have pretty much disintegrated: heel broke off, resin sole snapped in half& have multiple glue failures. Disappointing, given the price, but the shoes lasted as long as any other regular trainers with the same mileage before they start falling apart or stinking like a skunk.

Being a waste not want not bugger, I went to my old & trusted shoe repair guy just to find out that he closed his shop during Covid lockdown.
Local Timpsons were as useless as ever, telling me that they don't repair shoes any more - just do minor re-heeling work.

So, I reckon I'll just re-glue the soles myself and see how long they last - I've got nothing to lose but loss itself.

Ay suggestions on what glue to use? Would Gorilla glue do a decent job here?
Hybrid polymer sealant / adhesive such as CT1 might work

or other hybrid polymer products: Soudal 240FC ,EB25,, Stixall, Sikaflex EBT+, etc etc etc
These are made by William & Lennon, or at least they were when I bought them.
But if I can get a few more k miles out of the ones I have, I'd rather do that. Good shoes should be good to wear for a lot longer, imho.
I think it’s the sole at fault here. Those shoes don’t come as standard with the sole specified in the first link, they have a black plastic sole and heel. They’ll do you a traditional leather sole if you ask.

I’ve had mine for years. My criticism of them is actually the insole. It’s a sort of dense card with a thin foam on the top and it rips up quite quickly. I put a Kiwi leather insole in and it has transformed the shoe.

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