Wanted Onza HO mounting bolts & straddle cables

Probably a long shot, but I’m after 2 mounting bolts (far right in pic), do you have any????

OR, are good alternatives available?

Also, I’m on the look for two Onza straddle cables or alternatives.

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Hi SLC, I’m made these up for my Onza brakes. Work perfectly!
Canti straddle wires with barrel cable stops, cut to length and finished with a crimp end. I bought loads of wires, barrels and crimps, unfortunately I can’t find them or I would make you up a set 😔. IMG_7710.jpeg IMG_7711.jpeg
From memory the ones straddles had a standard brake barrel end on one side and a metal grip with the onza logo on to aid detaching.

The other end was what I think is called something like a solder less nipple or at least the first two words are in there.

Other bolts can be found that fit inside the tear drop pivot if you can't find the originals.