Odd Hope bulb axle


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I'll try to get a pic up later. no camera batteries at the mo.

Right. Standard bulb axle, the little bit that sticks out(the projection, to give it a more technical name) to sit in the dropout, which is normally about 5 or 6mm. But on one of my axles, the part that sticks out for the dropout isnt 5 or 6mm, but is 26mm.

This is on the disc side. The other side is the standard projection.
So what frame has one side 26mm thick. or is it to sit a brake mount upon. Personally I haven't a clue but was wondering if anyone had come across a bulb where the disc side sticks out considerably further.

It is not to my knowledge for the C2 universal rear(No2 caliper) as that bolted onto the frame and the axle was cut shorter, not longer. But given much of the earliest Hope uses is lost or not archived, something like that might have been used.

But any info, please post it up.
Is this on the rear? It could have been a custom axle perhaps to work on a frame which was designed for a wider hub, or maybe where there'd been a floating rear brake arm originally. What's the overall hub width? I certainly didn't come across anything like that at the time - might be worth pinging the service guys at Hope to ask as they have a lot of knowledge of the older stuff even if it isn't actually written down anywhere. Like you say, the universal adaptors required shorter stubs, not longer.

Actually, just thinking...is it possibly from a Santa Cruz Super 8? They had some weird hub spacing but still had the disc mounting on the hub in the usual spot so there was a wider axle than normal to fill up the gap.
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Some older hope hubs had space for the caliper to attceh between the frame and the drop out. To account for a lck of disc mounts. it may be that.

Like this,