For Sale Muddyfox explorer mountain bike ,19.5inch size frame for restoration.


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Muddy fox explorer mountain bike
Size 19.5inch frame and forks tsnge
26inch muddyfox wheels look ok and have some life in them left.
Hybrid schwalbe tyres hold air.
Suntour groupset 18 speed
U brake
Gold coloured stem
Yellow bottle cage.

Maybe late 1980s

Frame is has some issues of rust spots and will need looking at.worst bit is rear stays to bottom bracket area on one side.possibly holed.
Forks look ok,aged related marks
Rims look usable have some life left in them
U brake and suntour groupset 18 speed
Stem is gold looks interesting.
No seat post or saddle.

It is the most collectable muddyfox model I believe and in a 19.5 inch frame.

Looking for 50 pounds complete or I'll look at breaking it.

It is savable but will need lots of work obviously.


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19.5 inch Muddy Fox Explorer, now there's a very rare Fox normally you only ever see them in the common garden gate size 😂
Ive had to pass on this one,hopefully someone on here will buy it,Hate to think it gets broken for parts
Will post it to mainland uk only, cost 45 pounds which is in a bike box with courier.
bike price i would take is 45 pounds.90 pounds total.
the courier costs and packing are cost price.