Mangizmos "Rant Of The Day"

bit dearer, but nicer looking frame and brags about the mounting points on the frame.
What about a condor heritage.......been looking at for a mate who wanted an opinion....i font really have one, but it would seem from reviews they are far more lively than the spa frames and can handle lightweight touring.

My lad just got a Genesis Croix de Fer. Even if he hadn't got his staff discount they're not a bad price. He got the flat bar version which was a bit cheaper. More bosses than Old Nick.

Even when you add the extra cost of downgrades such as padded tractor saddle, 2nd set of brake levers, gong & mirror it's not bad.

A nice usable "gravel" bike - used to be called a tourer, between 1 and 2k there's a lot of choice, and it's not expensive in historical terms👍
The trouble is that a lot of knowledgeable bike shops have gone, and chainstores and online retailers want you to spend more money and buy something different in a couple of years.
Our neighbouring Evans had even stopped fixing bikes last year🤣
Got a puncture? You'll need a new bike sir/madam🤯
Aye. Ashley killed Evans. I left just over 2 years ago after an 18 month stint & it's only got worse since. Such a shame.
Well to be fair it was technically dead already - Mike picked up the corpse from the mortuary of receivership, sold off a few valuable organs, and hacked it about a bit.
But to think Evans brought us touring bikes with braze-ons! 20240227_065536.jpg